Hello Fellow Kamaka ukesters

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  1. Zolton
    Hi Kamaka Ukesters,
    My HF3 is my most expensive uke i own, and I don't over play it. Keep it for best so to speak. Like having a car that is a "daily drive" and keeping the expensive shiny buggy for Sundays cruising around. I've put Worth Browns on it and now love the clean bright sound. I recon the Koa wood is a contributing factor to the great sound, but the strings are what makes it super great. What strings do others run on thier Kamakas?
    Zolton Australia.
  2. VegasGeorge
    This is a great idea! I wonder why it took so long? Anyway, I'm glad to be hear amidst my fellow Kamakanistas. I hope this group flourishes, and I'll do my best to make a positive contribution. Aloha y'all!
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