1. bgrif
    I love my Red Cedar concert, but wonder if a string-change is in order. Anyone experimenting?
  2. rjamesak
    I use Aquilas, but am gonna try some fluorocarbons soon. I say, if you're thinking about changing strings... then change 'em.
  3. craigp
    I got some Worth clears on my Mango Concert. It sounds very different from the Aquillas but I think I prefer the very clear crisp sound of worth clears for the time being. They are great value too as you get enough to string up two ukes.
  4. naturelover
    Hi, I just received my Concert Mahogany, and I love it so much! I noticed the strings (Aquilas) are higher tension and more difficult to fret than my old soprano uke (no idea what strings are on that one). I was wondering if anyone had noticed differences in playability from one string type to another, and if that affects the sound? I'm still playing it all the time, and I'm getting better at fretting cleanly, but if a string change would make it easier, that would be great! I've also heard some people prefer the sound of other strings on the Mainlands, so I was just curious what other peoples preferences are.

  5. Captain America
    Captain America
    naturelover, I'm in your boat.

    I had the high tension Aquilas in a Kala concert and changed them out for Worths and the difference was great. I think the Aquilas in my hog Mainland soprano make her sound good and all, but there might be something I"d like better. I'm thinking of sticking in something different, too.
  6. mattydee
    When I had a red cedar soprano, I played it with Martin 600 fluorocarbons. Chimey and beautiful. I find Worth browns too mellow, and Aquilas too bright.
  7. Derick
    Here is my penny's worth. I have tried most brands of strings on my red cedar wood tenor and my favourite by far is Worths clear.
  8. deschutestrout
    Just got a red cedar longneck soprano - BEAUTIFUL instrument! Promptly removed the Aquilas, put on some worth browns ... big improvement ... put on worth clears ... bigger improvement! I'm gonna run these for a while and then try Martin 600s and see what I think. Personally, I've never liked the feel and sound of Aquilas ... but, many swear by them ... it's a personal preference thing.
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