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  1. IamNoMan
    I've met him. His wife plays banjo too. I like Bela. He pushes the banjo in new and interesting directions. Gold Tone(?) had him design a banjo for them "the Missing Link"

    Another guy that pushes the banjo, different direction though is Richie Stearns, Tompkins County NY. Check him out. Plays with the horseflies, bubba george, Chicken Choakers from Boston if their still around.

    Any of you guys been to Clifftop?
  2. k0k0peli
    I met Bela long ago too. Great, wonderful guy.

    I currently own five banjo-type axes. The Orlando 5-string and the two Cümbüş o'uds have plastic heads and sound bright. The old Varsity banjo-uke and ancient Guckert banjo-mandolin have their original skin heads and sound, well, not so bright. The Varsity does *not* play well with others! I may look for a more modern banjo-uke. The Orlando with its resonator back fitted, and the two-gallon Cümbüş pots, like my resophonic guitar, easily overwhelm anything that isn't amplified or brass. Trumpazoo and banjo make interesting duets.

    I'm mostly a fingerpicker. My old Varsity banjo-uke with its dead skin drum does not respond well there. It's never soft and romantic. I strum and crosspick with the thinnest possible pick (.038) and blast away with old rock and blues. It's good for inflicting pain upon others.
  3. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates
    I love playing the banjo, both 5-string, tenor and banjolele. The arthritis has caused me to play less 3-finger bluegrass style, but I still like this style for jigs. I string my instruments with nylon or steel strings, depending on the instrument. A 5-string with a light pot responds well to nylon strings. I have use nylon strings on my S.S. Stewart tenor as well for some jug band stuff. My banjo ukes have had only nylon strings.

    A pre-war open-back no-name banjo, an S.S. Stewart tenor banjo, a banjo that I built which has gone through several incarnations
  4. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates

    On the left is a banjolele that had a twisted neck. I payed about $12 for it because it had a good pot. I had a new neck made for it and saved the originalpeg-head overlay. Because the luthier was a guitar maker, he put the position marker at the 9th instead of the 10th fret.
    In the middle is a Maybelle by Slingerland that a friend gave me.
    On the right is another gift from a friend that I have since given to my brother.
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