Let me introduce you to #192 Concert

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  1. a11sus
    HI everyone Thank you for your messages - I haven't been on here in a while - I then to hang on FaceBook more

    Larry I had normal Aquila strings on all my new ukuleles (hahaha - I only have 3 proper ones so far - I don't count the 15 one I was given) and when I bought the Reds for one of them I changed them all over. I am no where near an expert so don't talk with much authority. Kevin has sold me a second Cocobolo Ukelele - a Super Concert this time and at his encouragement I will keep the Aquila strings it comes with to give them a good chance.

    TIKI, I think I saw in another post that you went back to high G - you know a lot more about strings than I do! I'll wait and see what I think

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