what banjolele?

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  1. UkuleleJarr
    hi and welcome to the banjolele group!

    well i will get the ball rolling, i recently purchased a Jetel no.5 banjolele, and i am currently planning a few refurbishments, tunig pegs, bridge, strings, and vellum if it needs it.

    what about everyone else?
  2. Ukulele Blue
    Ukulele Blue
    I recently purchased a Richwood George Formby banjo ukulele. Loving it.
  3. JCUK
    I picked up a banjolele on ebay the other week. It has no brand markings at all, but plays very nicely -- I'm really pleased with it!
  4. bazmaz
    just joined- ordered me a Ozark 2035 - cheap as chips, but meant to be great fun
  5. KamakOzzie
    I have had a no name banjo uke for 13 years as a wall decoration. About 7 months ago I cleaned it up, put on Grover tuners and Aquila strings and learned my first ukulele tune. That was my introduction to UAS!
  6. Lanikai Ukes
    Lanikai Ukes
    When we were looking into developing a banjolele we had a few samples that didn't make the grade. I decided to buy one of them for myself. This one has the "closed back" design with a flat piece of mahogany. I have been toying with the idea of making mine into the trapdoor design like an old Gibson.
  7. allanr
    Gold Tone BUC. Concert size with wood resonator, strung with Aquila nylgut and a wound low-G.
  8. kenikas
    Through the wonders of eBay I got 4 within a week! I decided if I put low bids on these 4 I'm bound to get 1 of them, guess what, I won all 4. They are all 1920's - 30's era in various conditions, but with new bridges & strings I'll have 2 of them in working order soon. I can't wait to hear how they sound.
  9. allanr
    I've got a Gold Tone BUC concert sized banjolele. Strung with Aquila strings and a low G. I don't play it as often as my "normal" ukes, but I really like it a lot. It's my favourite uke for sitting on the back porch and finger picking some simple blues.
  10. UkeSoCrazy
    In 2009 I came across a great find on Craigslist, a Langstile Tenor Banjo Ukulele. It was in semi rough shape, all the parts were there but it was covered in dust, grime and guck. After two weeks of taking it completely apart, cleaning/restoring/polishing and a new set of Aquilas it looks and sounds awesome! I have never seen a Langstile before or since, after some digging on the intertoobs I found they were produced approximately between 1900 and 1930 but with no serial numbers used, dating it is impossible. Can anyone else shine some light on this?
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