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  • Howz'it Bruddah, I relocated from Kalihi, have relatives in Ewa. Kanikapila on Dec. 2 in Sacramento on Florin Rd (L&L Drive In) with Kanaka 916. PM me.
    Thanks. Actually, her name is two-fold. The unity between our two families over such a long distance, and the unity of my own family due to the adoption of our children. My 9 year old daughter asked "Is it a girl or boy?" So I asked her, "Do you want people to vote on it?" She said, "Yeah that would be cool!" Hence the thread as it now exists. Thanks for your input! Makes me feel a lot better.
    PM box full...
    Thank you, it's perfect! My computer glitched on the first reply I typed so I do not know if you got it. My wife's name is Nanilei.
    There is a little Kaona about being knocked out/stunned by the fragrance of her wind, we have a little running joke about her futs - sorry if TMI, but it was intentional :)

    I had a good compliment when I played some songs for her grandmother - she said,
    "You sound like Kanak!" so I'm having fun with it.


    Aloha wau ia `oe Nanilei
    Ku`u kiele i mili ai
    Honi aku `oe i ka makani

    Elua no maua
    Kiai ka mahina me na hoku
    Ua maewa poniponi i ka noe

    Ho`o pau ka ike wau i
    Ke ala o ka
    Hanuhanu o Nanilei

    Ha`ina mai ana ka puana
    ka mele o kaua aloha,
    ke anuenue ma Hawai`i i Kaleponi `ane`i.
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    I responded to your question about different colors for the Dominator Ts but the thread has become buried on the second page. What color are you interested in?
    well the dude told me that after 12 there probably wasnt gonna be anything left but still i ditched a whole day of school. its all good tho
    ight thanks. I was pretty pissed when he told me that they were sold out cuz I called like 3 times and left school early so i could call. hopefully they come out with some dope new colorways that aren't posted on the site. haha
    I called like an hour after they opened and the dude said that they were completely sold out! Is it even possible to get quickstikes over the phone?
    I wanted the last one but I forgot to call. I'm hoping theres not a line around the block and that my mom will remeber to call cuz i'll be in school
    Yea I just want the hat but it might be hard to get cuz 7 and 1/4 seems like a pretty common size
    haha i asked my grandma about that and she said she'd do it ONCE. O and you know to get the quickstrikes like the kamehameha fitteds what time do you have to call?
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