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  • I could probably ask them to keep a couple of orders for me and try have my grandma or uncle pick it up but they would get annoyed having to go there all the time...haha. If i did that I might be able to save some money on shipping but it probably wouldnt be that much.
    Cool. I just got a t-shirt and the UH pinstripe but i wanted to get the camo one but i forgot to call. BTW do you know if they charge how much it really costs to ship something or do they add handling fees on?
    O cuz I just ordered some stuff from them and I figured that they just sent them with your order. I'd order more stuff from them but shipping is killer
    I forgot to ask you, howd you get all those Fitted stickers? Did you have to buy them or did they give them to you when you ordered something?
    Aloha Neil, I such a lolo noob on this forum I only found your message just now. It would be awesome to kanikapila with Matt and Kaleo. I alittle rusty now since I never play for 4-5 years but should ready by the time I get their which probably won't be until next year. My sis in Felton said get a one great place for jam ukulele I think she said in Capitola. Please give my aloha to Matt & Kaleo.
    hahah "too country". I guess that's what I love about it, having lived in big cities. I was actually shocked to find a Target and Costco in Kauai. But everyone deserves wholesale prices in bulk, right? ;-) I hope you guys have fun on your vacation!
    Yup yup we pretty much planned to do all that. We went in '07 and stayed at that same condo and made our own food. We didn't do touristy things at all like luaus. But you kind of need a car in Kauai since everything is so spread out and the main road goes around the outside of the island. We were looking to go in November but maybe I should check the prices for October. I knew about VRBO but didn't think to check it since I liked our old condo. I just checked it right now and it looks like there are some units in that same complex for cheaper. woot! Thanks for the reminder. :-D
    The price tag was for $1200 round trip for two people to Kauai, and $1700 for nine days at a fully stocked condo. Then there is still the cost of car rental, gas, and of course souvenirs. :) So it actually comes out to more than 3k.
    No pickup. Mine is the "plain" version - $900. The fancier versions start at $1200 I think.
    Oh, btw, I have 2 Koalohas and will probably buy 2 more and I have another Ogata on the way. He won't be making another one like mine until later in the year. He's starting a "more affordable" line of ukes in a few months though.
    It's 2 3/4" thick and it's longer than most tenors. I carry it in a baritone case.
    i'm up by chaboya, but my parents live behind quimby. i'm fittin' to take classes from Rodney Takahashi after i score a better `uku then the one i get now hahaha. but let me know when you guy jam, i'll try go.
    now that's a trip.. im from the evergreen area too.. haha.. dont trip.. i havent been playing long either..
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