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    Pre-tickets to Jake Shimabukuro Documentary showing @ SF Asian American Film Festival "...offering Discounted Early Bird Presale tickets to a Festival Special Screening of THE JAKE SHIMABUKURO DOCUMENTARY, playing at the Castro Theater on Wednesday, March 14. This is a not-to-miss SFIAAFF event! Directed by Tadashi Nakamura, this documentary chronicles Jake...
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    pidgin to da max...

    cheee hu! howzit braddahs. e kanaka and 808boy, when you guys go jam, call me too. i not too far. for reals, going go sac st for conference nov 4th. one day kine, so can cruise with you guys when stay pau. can practice `ukulele and pidgin haha. 808, i rarely talk pidgin now. or even `olelo. only...
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    Herb Ohta Jr. wins Na Hoku Hanohano Best Instrumental Album.

    surprised this didnt get run here, but "'Ukulele Nahenahe," by Herb Ohta Jr. won Instrumental Album of the Year. Two other primarily `Ukulele Albums were also nominated: Troy Fernandez "Hawaiian Style `Ukulele 2" and Kenneth Makuakane "`Ukulele Summit." All three albums were solid. also, "Solo...
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    South Bay Kanikapila Saturday, September 11th 6pm @ Roy's Station, SJ

    Coffee Shop at the corner of 5th and Jackson. in San Jose's Japantown. open mic, kanikapila, and door prizes. `Ukulele Source, `Ukulele Jams and Roy's Station plan on making this a 2nd Saturday of the Month deal. So come through.
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    South Bay Kanikapila August 14 6pm @ Roy's Station, SJ

    the real South Bay --> San Jose. sponsored by the `Ukulele Source and The `Ukulele Teacha, Rodney Takahashi. San Jose Japantown Roy's Station, the coffee shop on the corner of 5th and Jackson. 6pm. door prizes.
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    aloha festival 2010 san francisco presidio

    august 7-8 kanaka you going? uncle hiram get `ukulele class both days. and kanikapila sunday pau festival time. wish they held this last weekend on Ka La Ho`iho`i Ea. would have been nice to see the red ku i ka pono shirts for people who know wassup.
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    BART commercial.

    Can't link directly to the video but here's the link to a series of BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) commercials. There's a guy holding an `ukulele in one of the spots titled "You're There"
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    `Ukulele Source in San Jose expanding space and inventory.

    Smiley and Janet tore down the back wall and are doubling the show room to accommodate the expanding inventory. Along with staples: Kanile`a and KoAloha, `Ohana and Mainland, they are adding Fleas, Kala and Nalu `Ukulele. I think the construction (they are open during construction) will be...
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    For those of you interested in Hula,

    Uncle George Na`ope passed away today.
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    University of Hawai`i Fight Song "Co-Ed"

    I'm heading to some of the Continent games this year, so I'm hoping someone could help decipher it. Seems like a normal chord progression, but i can't seem to nail it. 'auwe! btw it's also known as "Fight for Old Hawai`i" UH Fight Song
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    pidgin to da max...

    you know uncle, couple teacher kine guys i wala`au before time wen said, pidgin stay dying. the keiki dem talk mo hip hop kine talk now. and small kine true, cuz wen i talk story wit my younger cousins dem, da kine words they choosin mo differnt. the accents same kine but, planny words now same...
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    Saturday 1/15/09 `ukulele jams workshop pre or post jam?

    Saturday 8/15/09 `ukulele jams workshop pre or post jam? i posted this a few days ago. Rodney Takahashi is having a workshop on saturday at King Library in San Jose. the adult & teen workshop is at 1pm. anybody else going? if you going, anybody like jam? i junk, but we go! maybe on the...
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    8/15/09: (San Jose, Ca)`Ukulele Workshops with Rodney Takahashi of `Ukulele Jams

    Ukulele Workshops with Rodney Takahashi of Ukulele Jams Saturday August 15, 2009 Kid’s Workshops (ages 4 and up) 11:00 – 11:45 and 12:00 – 12:45 Workshop for Teens and Adults 1:00 – 1:45 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Second Floor, Rooms 255/257 150 E. San Fernando St. San...
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    `Ukulele Source and Rodney Takahashi on KPIX CBS 5 Bay Area News.

    Cool that both Rodney and Smiley get shine on TV. Shitty they spell `ukulele wrong.
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    `Ukulele Source in San Jose on Front Page of Mercury News.

    Smiley made the front page of the San Jose Mercury News. Great guy. Great Store.