New York State lifer. Been playing baritone and concert for just a couple of years. Been playing piano longer; not as much anymore. Only recently been taking uke playing "seriously."

bike riding, movies, writing, British & American folk-rock from the '60s/'70s and today
New York, NY
System Administrator


current ukes:

Kanile'a Oha Concert, Brueko Longneck Pineapple, Kala Resonator Tenor, Johnson baritone

sold ukes:

Martin Tenor, Martin Oliver Ditson Dreadnought Soprano, Martin Baritone, Ohana SK-28, Ohana SK-25S, Favilla Baritone, Kala KA-FMBG, Luna Great Wave Concert, Mainland Red Cedar Baritone, Mainland Classic Mahogany Tenor, Oscar Schmidt OU53, Oscar Schmidt OU57, Kiwaya Famous KTS-5 soprano, Ohana TK-38 tenor, Kiwaya Famous FLS-1G, Cordoba 24T,Keiki Kamaka Soprano, Dewdrop Concert, Kanile'a Oha Baritone, Kala KA-ASZCT-ST Super Tenor, Islander MSC-4 Concert, Wunderkammer "Boswell" Tenor,




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