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    my Kanile'a Oha Baritone on ebay
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    FS: Wunderkammer Boswell Tenor with 1.5 inch nut

    Selling my Wunderkammer Boswell Tenor made by Liam Kirby. It has a few customizations. Number one is that it has only twelve frets. I really like ukes (such as old Martin Style 0 sopranos) where there are only twelve frets. So I asked Liam if he could do that for me. Standard Boswell has...
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    FS: Dewdrop Concert Cedar Top Walnut Back & Sides $250

    Selling a Dewdrop Concert ukulele $250 shipped. Dewdrop are made in Baltimore, MD and I recommend checking out their site. It is the lightest concert uke I've ever played. It's also had some improvements made to it: the original wooden nut and saddle have been replaced with bone ones and the...
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    for low dGBE/low G: koaloha tenor vs kanilea tenor vs kanilea super tenor

    I'm wondering if anyone can advise based on experience which of the following nice Hawaiian ukes would sound better with dGBE tuning (re-entrant D, with the second note being the same octave G as in "low G" tenor tuning): Kanile'a Tenor Kanile'a Super Tenor Koaloha Tenor I've heard a...
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    gordon mark strings?

    Does anybody know what kind of strings Gordon Mark uses on the dgbe-tuned tenors that he plays in recordings and videos? In addition to really liking his style as a player, I believe that part of what I love about his sound is down to the strings. If anybody knows what type of strings he uses...
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    Do fluorocarbon strings start to sound more like nylons after a while?

    Is it just me, or do fluorocarbon strings start to sound a bit more like nylons after you play them for a while? Time is hard to pin down as the amount of time you spend actually playing the uke is a factor, but I'd say that I have started to notice this phenomenon after about 2 months of...
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    Harmony Johnny Marvin on ebay

    I am selling this Harmony Johnny Marvin on ebay if anyone is interested. I bought it for $600. It's actually in very good shape. Bridge not lifting, has original wooden bridge pins too. Only reason I'm selling it is that I realized I don't actually love the concert uke sound overall. However it...
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    Check out some articles on my blog/site,

    I've been writing a blog about ukes. I honestly thought of it after beginning to write several forum posts and realizing that they seemed too long for the forum. Here are two posts that I'm curious to hear UUer feedback on. A review of Andy Eastwood's piece for uke and string quartet...
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    Ukuleles with 14-inch scale?

    Does anybody know of any ukuleles (either soprano or concert) with a 14-inch scale other than the Harmony Vita-uke? It's a scale length that I kind of like but the old Harmony Vita-uke is the only model I know of with that scale. I've been presuming there are/were more out there and I'm...
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    WTB Sapele Soprano Koaloha Opio

    Anybody have a koaloha Opio soprano made of sapele (not acacia, not spruce)
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    question about 2 keiki kamakas on ebay

    Just saw two new postings (from Japan) of Keiki Kamakas on ebay. Does anybody know the differences (other than visual) between the darker colored ones and the lighter colored ones? For some...
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    Koaloha vs Ohio weight

    Does anybody know if Koaloha & Opios are generally built in the same light style? Asking because I am really seeking a super light uke. I have a chance to play an Opio in a store tomorrow. Id like to know if I can presume that a similar koaloha would weigh about the same.
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    WTB: Kamaka Keiki Mahogany Soprano

    Looking to buy one of the old Kamaka/Keiki mahogany sopranos. Especially if it's a pineapple.
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    Which vintage kamaka pineapple should I buy?

    Was looking at these two used kamaka pineapples and wondering which era of kamakas people think is generally better. The qualities i'm looking for are the following. 1) nut of 1 7/16 or wider 2) great intonation 3) extremely lightweight 4) very warm sound, not the more bright sound of...
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    My ukulele blog

    I've started a ukulele blog and written a number of posts. It's two things: a writing exercise and a (hopeful) hub for people who are curious to read about ukes in the same way that I do. I personally don't like blogs with a lot of images on them, mainly because they draw more attention to you...