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  • worth browns. I think they were mediums but I don't remember that part. The sceptre originally came with worth clears that I loved. But like I said, I wanted low g so I went with the freemonts only to have the low g not fit.
    did you get an old testament pidgin bible? I knew they were making one but never knew they finished.
    First we have to pick a song. One with two parts is great:) and then we both record it. Then it is just a matter of video editing.
    It was great to see you again at Aloha Snow! I thought it went very well. Thanks for all of your effort. Have a great week!
    KoAloha ukuleles are the best. There is a christian connection. The owner is a great man of God that puts God first. The KK on the headstock stands for king of kings and the mirror image is because we are supposed to be mirror images of God. The crown shaped headstock is symbolism for the crown of Glory. Great company. I do understand your funds issue. I am an advocate of solid wood but I have played and have purchased laminate ukes. I don't get paid for the youth pastor gig and I am working on my master's right now so what I do is use my financial aid to buy a nice ukulele once a year. I'm saving up for a koaloha tenor now.

    I started a ukulele club at my school (I teach fifth grade) and I always had three ukes out in my class along with a martin backpacker guitar. I had my mango laminate, kala soprano and one of my meles (solid wood ones). The students treated them with respect and I ended up getting five of them to start playing ukulele.
    I bought an amplified ukulele to play with our praise team and I only used it twice. More to do with my lack of talent we have a gospel sound and I couldn't play all these flat chords so I gave up and just play by myself. I spent $200 extrta for my pick-up (fishman) which is top of the line and now I have this uke that I never play plugged up. You can always mike the uke which I have done as well. I thought $40-50 was cheap for a pick-up and I do know most shops can add one for you fairly inexpensive. I got my electric uke from www.meleukulele.com and I figured if since I was spending $750 on the uke they might as well do the work so it was covered under warrenty.

    You are wanting to get a tenor right? Your price reange isn't that bad. You should be able to get a decent uke for where you are at now. I know that Kala ukes are great for their price. Best bang for buck.
    i really am looking forward to playing some of my fave praise songs on the uke! which raises another question. i'm in our church's praise band. should i spend the extra $ upfront to get one with elec? hmmm.... that's the latest q to pop up in my mind. because in the models i have noticed, the sole diff btwn the all-acou and elec models is about $40-50. that seems steep for something that maybe i can add later if i need it which i might not.

    what do you think on this? is it really a simple matter of taking an acoustic in to a guitar shop and spending $40-50 to get the electronics put in? or would it then be more like "hmm. a yookulele. hmm... i've never done one of these." or more like $60-80 after the purchase of an all acou one?

    see? these are the confusions whipping around in my head. oh yeah and the rolling the dough to get one. right now that number is at about $150-180 for a package with uke, case and a few extras from either mgm, ukulele4u or some other ppl.
    i'm in charlotte. and teach hs physics, chem & phys sci. i was intrigued by your mention of koaloha ukes. is there a Christian link there? i went to their site and didn't come across any clear connection. i did see prices that were beyond my first uke purchase, sighed and closed out the page.

    i'm really having a tough decision between my first one with a 2 & 3 yo in the home being a laminate that i wouldn't worry too much about and a better solid spruce top that would potentially sound better. the most common ans from most ppl stricken with uas would be "no prob! get the laminate first & then the solid top later!" but, alas, funds are tight as a teacher. as a youth pastor, you might know what i'm talking about.

    so this first uke might very well be THE uke for years and years.
    There is actually 5 holes from the cross. There is this worship band called waterdeep and one of my favorite songs by them has a chorus...
    "One thorney crown 3 nails and a spear."

    You will love it here. I'm a Jesus Freak. Since you are a child of God as well (right) you need to find out about KoAloha ukuleles.

    Where at in NC?
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