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    Found koa wedding rings, other woods & even meteorite rings!

    shortly after my wife & i got married, the wedding ring she bought for me got damaged. it's a titanium ring with a diamond set in one of those gap settings. well the shop where we got it went out of business and the manufacturer first says that i must have broken it (i bent the titanium?!?)...
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    hall & oates - "kiss is on my list;" the world wide web is letting me down

    hall & oates - "kiss is on my list;" the world wide web is letting me down c'mon 80s kids! where are the chords for "kiss is on my list" by h&o that actually match the recorded song?!? all of the regular sites (chordie, ultimate guitar, etc, etc) either have ones that are nothing like the...
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    jake shimabukuro signing a sceptre in newton, north carolina

    this was the first concert for me & my wife to see jake. we enjoyed it tremendously! he's a wonderful performer! it took a while into the concert before i really thought about it--he's performing uke-apella. the whole time, just jake & his uke. he did stuff off his new album & encored with...
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    lego ukulele -- a new trend?

    for all you plastic lego luthiers out there... check out these two inspirations for building your own uke this year!
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    how can i get jake shimabukuro to sign my uke at a concert?

    please only those with honest experience or was with a buddy who did this... i bought my wife and me some tickets to see jake shimabukuro for the first time. we are super stoked about this upcoming concert! i would really like him to autograph my uke. any suggestions/tips from people on...
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    just joined uu+ -- so what's the best stuff to do with it?

    hey uu-universe! i just joined uu+ and have been looking around at some of the stuff that i think is just for uu+. y'know how after a year or so of being on the uu forums that you've learned lots of tips and tricks that make your life easier on there that you wish you had known at the start...
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    What is your favorite bridge design & why?

    here's a pic of that bridge.
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    What is your favorite bridge design & why?

    a few more... you don't have to submit koaloha only. i just used these to jump start some thoughts. for example, i love the honu turtle on the big island ukes!
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    What is your favorite bridge design & why?

    i was reading over a post from someone who just got their first koaloha and they were discussing the bridge. i did some looking and it got me to thinking: what is your favorite uke bridge design and why? also, imaginary bonus points if you can explain the sound (not aesthetics!) benefits of a...
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    4 year old uke sensation! just found this ukulele video online! a 4 year old sings "you are my all in all" and does a really good job of it. i'd better get to teaching my little 4 & 5 year old. enjoy!
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    farewell, steve

    the first mac i ever used was a mac classic back in high school. we did desktop publishing on it. i've owned at least 4-5 different macs through the years. i'm now writing this on a macbook. what are your thoughts, folks?
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    go over and check out my new video

    my wife and i made this video over the weekend. i welcome your feedback! hit "like" if you liked it. thanks!
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    what do you think of my newest video?

    here's my submission for the ukulele Godspell contest. what do you think?
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    d'addario pro arte tenor ukulele string packaging issue

    hey uu universe! just wanted to pass along an "oh crap" moment that you will hopefully avoid due to this post. if you buy d'addario pro art tenor ukulele strings--which are apparently endorsed by aldrine and jake--then you're going to run into a bit of a pickle when you open the package. i...
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    what do you think of this action--too high, just right, what?

    i've just gotten a serious uke and it has the highest action i've had on any of my ukes thus far. my experience with high quality ukes is very limited, so i'd appreciate your feedback. when i press down on the 3rd fret, three of the strings have that hair's breadth distance from the second...