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  • Hi Bo,
    I hope it's a nice breezy day in the islands today.
    Please say Hi to Stan for me when you talk to him again. We need him back on the Forum!
    I played my Wixom soprano all evening, and I just love it. You'll like yours too.
    You found that great deal on a Maui Music uke---do you like them better than Meles? Are they very different?
    Hi Bo,
    What's the situation now with Stan's internet connection? Tell him I said hi.
    Howzit, 808boy! I'm a born and raised LA boy. My dad is from Waipahu, WHS Class of '54, or is it '53. Anyway, yes, I was in Hawaii during March 28-April 8. Spent most of that time on Kauai in Hanalei with my family. Great fun there. I have been to the Islands many times but have never spent any time on Maui. I will have to remedy that at some point.

    I did meet and had lunch with Stan while I was in Honolulu. Really nice guy.


    Hi 808boy--
    You sign off all your posts with BO... What does that mean?
    Thanks for your info on Willie Wixom's ukes.
    Hi 808boy,

    Thank you so much for becoming my very first friend on UU! :) I have always been in love with the beauty of Hawaii... you are so lucky to live there. Hopefully one day, my uke and I will be able to make the trip, and I can fulfill my dream of playing some sweet island tune to the setting sun.... Ahh... one day....
    I know what you mean, I haven't had a good laulau for far to long! They're hard to come by up here in the high desert. I wish there was a Wendel's, but it's from a Rap Reiplinger album "Poi Dog With Crabs" from the early 90's. It was an advertisement in his "The Young Kanaka's" routine.
    Hi Bo, thanks for the shout out. Gonna try to get back up to Sac in a few weeks, hope to see you there. Steve
    hey there-- were you talking about the pono or the islander. I am looking to get $250 for the islander. of the Pono I am looking for $300. That has passive electric pick-up and a Ko'olau deluxe hard case. Same on shipping- I will pick up pay pal on each
    Brah! Missed you. Hope you had a good time on Maui. Score any new `ukuleles? Or is that your new avatar? Post video!
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