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  • No worries, Brah!

    Mahalo fo da friend request! How long you play da uke? What kine ukes you get?

    If you like MMA, check out da "General Boards" undah "Sports" I always post one thread fo upcoming fight cards. Da most recent one was UFC 137. Here's da link:


    Dea's one oddah Bruddah, Dan (ukestah), who always posts his picks on my thread. We wen make friends hea on da UU. He's from Wahiawa. At first, I try fo post good english - but lately, me and Bruddah Dan jus use pidgin english. A couple of oddah UUers post, too - but das all. Pretty SAD! My post get ova 400 views but only 3 oddah UUers wen post. Bruddah Dan (ukestah), v30, and haolejohn ... oh, and slackkey007.

    Das all fo now Brah! Take it easy, eh!


    Mahaloz 808boy, right on... i still live on the leeward side.. probly for da rest of my life LOL!!! and yesss... unfortunately the community has become a haven for all sorts of stuff but, all our communities need a little TLC :( mahaloz 808!!!
    Aloha Bruddah,
    Mahalo for the friend request, any local is a friend of mine. I lived in Waianae during hanabada days, before the breakwater at Pokai Bay, still have cuzzins in Waianae and Makaha. Raised in Kalihi Valley Homes when it was brand new....over there is spooky now.
    take care......oh, I'm Burton Tamarra on Facebook if you're on that too................BO.........
    Aloha!! I have always been fond of this melodious instument and have recently been looking for just such a place where i/us can meet and make beautiful music together!! Mahaloz to all who have made such an event possible!!!
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