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    Total Immersion Hobbies before Discovering Ukulele

    My fixation was kick scooting. Started with a Razor A5, and had quite a nice collection of different styles of scooters. My favorite was a Sbyke A20. Rode most days and really enjoyed it. Contributed to a website as a reviewer. Then work and health issues made it difficult to ride.
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    New and happy to be here

    Welcome! I will enjoy reading your blog.
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    I’ve been away a (very) long time

    Welcome back! I have been here since 2014. My playing has gotten crappier due to arthritis, but I still play. The dog thinks it is pretty good.
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    Hello from Colorado

    Nice to meet you, Terry. One of my best memories was playing for my mom in hospice. Thank you for bringing peace.
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    Welcome! Please keep us posted on your progress.
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    Hello from CA :)

    Welcome to the forums.Glad you are here.
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    Hi all

    Welcome from West Virginia, USA!
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    Baritone ukuleles without truss rods

    My 70 year old Vega baritone is the same.
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    At what age did you get your first uke?

    2014 for me - a Luna concert. I was 55.
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    Larger Sopranos

    My Kala bamboo soprano is much bigger than my Kala ASOV soprano.
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    Best baritone ukulele under $250 sold in the US

    eBay and Reverb has good vintage baritones, if you can look over the pictures. I have a Bobby Henshaw Vega built solid mahogany and a laminate top and back Tempo.
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    remove brand logo from headstock

    I use a hair accessory on the headstock. This one is a pony tail band with a flower hair clip attached.
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    If You Had it to Do All Over Again, What Would be Your Starter Uke? And Why?

    My two cents would be higher end laminate. I bought my HPL OXK soprano nearly a year after I started playing, and at the time wished I had started with it - well made, sounded good, and a bit sturdier. It also was less prone to changing "voice" based on the environment, which is good for a...
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    Can new strings make a Martin 0XK concert sound brighter?

    I like the M600's the best on the OXK.