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  • Hey Bonita, It would be so cool if you could make the Whole Earth Nuclear Ukulele Orchestra. It's a blast!!

    The Ukulele Fight Club will do a mini set somewhere in the middle that you could join in on. I haven't picked the songs yet but will let you know as soon as I have them. The ones the UFC do are easy strums so you shouldn't have any problems just showing up and joining in.

    Hope you can do it!

    We are going to have to get together and do Hallelujah some time. What's you favorite key for this?
    It was so wonderful to meet you too! spending sunday afternoon playing was delightful...i enjoyed your song book. It was also wonderful to hear your tales of Louisiana, stories i'll always keep in my mind.
    Hi there,
    Sorry about the wild goose chase I took you on last Sunday. I really thought I could find Grumpy's cabin. I guess I drove in front of the driveway. The Qwesters and I ended up back at our cabin that night. I heard that you made it to Grumpy's in spite of me. I hope you had a good time. It was good to meet you.

    haha thanks a ton!

    I appreciate the suggestion! I am kinda new at this, but I've a lot of plans for the future... I just gotta wait to get over this cold! haha! :/

    Aloha! :)
    :stop: clear your inbox mate...she's chockers :)
    Aloha Mrs B.....
    Congratulations on your 1000th Post....weeeee:music::worship::smileybounce:
    Hi ADD

    Hope you are well too buddy. I just sent a message to your regular email address mate...
    Dogs have a way of rescuing us and bringing a little sunshine. I am sorry to hear of your losses, and not really that long ago. My youngest son died in 2007 and I feel like it has been a very slow journey coming out of the fog. I hve one girl dog and three boys.
    Thanks, I want to take pictures of the dogs with the ukuleles but until then I thought some spring flowers would be nice during these winters days and nights. What type of pup is that you are holding in your profile picture?
    Thanks so much for your message! I would love to see some of your work sometime... Everyone has such different styles... Haven't touched my uke in days.. I hope to tonight or tomorrow.. Right now I am doing homework (well not really since I am taking a break on UU!) but the book is on my lap... I just needed to look up from it for a few minutes!!
    hi ADD

    thanks for the message. Always great to hear from you and glad you managed some sleep. At the moment I'm in a "wake-up-and open -eyes-wide-sit-bolt-upright" phase so a littletired to. Missed you today as I'm still at work, and will be for a couple more hours yet. Our paths will cross soon though. Bless you my friend. eugene
    hi ADD
    the picture is from one of Schulz's strips. I just added the painted rainbow and the colours. Typical Charlie Brown, eh?
    hi ADD...that was funny, as I just PMed you your message came up on my screen also. Nice synchronicity there! I agree mate, a very quiet night on the forums. I noticed the word games virtually hadn't been played all day which surprised me. Hope your brain is on holiday in a nice place and not somewhere else :eek: Take care of you buddy.
    hi ADD, thanks for the message! It seems our time zones don't correlate too well. I'm always clocking on as you're going to bed. I'll have to try and get on a little earlier so we could perhaps have more of a chat. And yes, sleep is so important, your body will sigh a big 'thankyou' for it. My poor ol' bones are crying out in protest at the moment too! Sleep well mate, catch up soon...
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