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    Bushman Jenny Tenor Ukulele w/ cutaway

    I am looking to sell my Bushman Jenny Tenor Ukulele with a cutaway. I bought it new in the middle of 2009 after a several months of waiting. I am selling because I have too many instruments (well, the wife says so) and I am looking to buy some some new fishing gear so something needs to go...
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    New ukulele

    Just got it from UPS today. The wait time on it sucked a bit, but so far so good. It sounds great. More later. Here it is: Dented up box: Front: Side: Side:
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    WTB Soprano Flea

    I won my March Madness bracket challenge thing at work and want to blow some of my winnings on a Soprano Flea. Not too picky on color as long as it isn't hideous. Would rather the rosewood fretboard but not opposed to molded either. PM, post, or email (below). vivalasvegasnv at gmail dot com
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    Opening Day - MLB

    So, who's your team? Astros for me.
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    Tenor for $350 or less

    The wife and I got a pretty sizable tax refund this year so we're each taking 350 and depositing the rest so we're sort of 'responsible'. What tenor would you suggest? I have a Kala KA-C currently so I am looking to upgrade and keep the current Kala concert, which sounds decent, as a beater...
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    Anniversary video for the wife

    Anniversary is coming up and I made her these slideshow/video things for the last 2 anniversaries so I figured I'd do another one. This time, I recorded the music myself. I bought my 1st ukulele 3 1/2 weeks ago and used that for the music. I have played guitar, bass, drums and a few other...