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  • Honu are so neat.. I've always had a secret love of small turtles and frogs, but when I saw the honu, oh man! I was in awe. Love their face. :D It must have been such a cool experience for you to take care of them at Sea Life. Saw the pics of your cute little tortoise. Bonus that she's low maintenance, no?

    My nickname is definitely Sach or Sachi. Your sis must be cool! LoL ;)
    BTW, love your avatar! Got up close and personal to 2 honu in March while snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. This may sound silly, but it was almost..magical! So beautiful. It was the highlight of my trip!!
    Eh da buggah is da bomb worker....Hes been with me for almost a year and a half...
    I love your new avatar. Is it a green turtle? We have 3 hawksbills and 1 green that live right next to our mooring.
    Honey's gone to work already, so I can't ask her...
    I guess when you and your wife combine your skills, you make a complete Japanese communication unit... same as Honey and I (except Honey does all the work! :p) Really, I must make an effort with Japanese, I've spent a total of about 4 months there, and only know words - sometimes i even use them in context! We would like to live there for a while at some stage, and I'd take lessons... we're both too lazy to help each other out with language!:D
    The honour is ours...
    Dear Ahnko Honu,
    We are very sorry to hear about your father, please accept our condolences... Yes, it would have been fascinating to hear his stories about the area.
    We're pleased to know you got some entertainment out of the videos! It really makes the trip seem extra worthwhile when we hear someone has enjoyed them, and to think we helped pass some time after your surgery - it's just great! Thanks for telling us...
    Honey is actually from Chiba, quite near Tokyo, in Matsudo...
    You lived in Japan for such a long time! Is your Japanese better than your wife's? Bosko's certainly isn't!!!
    Thank you for your friendship,
    we made it halfway to hana before turning around. two of us were starting to get really carsick and we decided to just head back to wailea. however, we did hike out to twin falls and swim in the waterfall. it was really cool!!! i do have some great photos which i'll share with you once i get them off my wife's camera.

    we didn't do the haleakala thing this time but we'll check it out next time for sure. our friends have all gone and said it was neat.

    hi ahnko, thanks for the tips on things to do in Maui. we were with friends most of the time so our free time was very limited and were unable to check out any of your recommendations. however, we had a great time, plenty of snorkeling and chillaxing. the island was beautiful. whale watching was a highlight!

    Aloha Uncle Ji,
    I know the santa cruz `ukulele group is big. i've heard about them for years. when you coming up? heard the stripers are rolling into seacliff and santa cruz. more south each year it seems like. more important, when you going start building `ukulele? i get dibs on one! a hui hou, neil.
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