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    NUD! And a confession.

    There's a thread currently about uke addiction. I saw it and chuckled, telling myself, I can quit any time I want! Ok..... Hi, I'm Randy and I have an uke addiction! We went to Maui for a bit and I decided I didn't need a uke. Bad idea. Within a few days I was feeling jumpy. On the way to...
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    New Islander day!

    Not a uke; the guilele, GL6! In Maui on vacation so I had to stop at Bounty Music. Really, I had to. Walked out with the GL6. Really nice. I'm enjoying it! Someday I may even figure out what those two extra strings are for!
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    NUD Risa Stick; Suggestions?

    NUD concert Risa Stick. I was in Europe recently and thought I'd pick up one of these while there. Wrong! Only saw one music store and the owner was closing up just as I arrived! So, I ordered it from Ukulele Pua Pua in Hawaii! Still struggling a bit with tuning, but it will come. Wanted a...
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    Kamaka rehab worthwhile?

    Hi all. I was cruising around this afternoon and stumbled on an old Kamaka soprano that has been well used. Well certainly it's used, but its not doing very well. No bridge, no tuners and a nasty hole in the upper corner of the lower bout. It will definitely need a new top. I haven't opened...
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    New G-Lele day

    Got to Maui yesterday afternoon. First trip out this morning to a favorite stop: Bounty Music! Love that place. Was thinking of a new Dolphin (my daughter has mine), but I spotted a good deal on a Yamaha Guilele. Couldn't leave without it. So, added a new one to the stable. Been playing with it...
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    Kamoa Evolve?

    So what happened to the Kamoa Evolve? Seemed like an amazing uke, lots of attention, then they sort of disappeared. I'm sure some of you have one. Do you like it? Are they still available? Thx!
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    New Uke Day - Boat Paddle ML Style!!

    Wow! I'm amazed at how beautiful this is. It's Narra back and sides with an Adarondack Spruce top, Ebony fretboard with maple binding. The body and headstock have the maple binding as well and there is a very fine piece of ebony running along the binding between the binding and the body all...
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    Jake's show in anchorage!

    WOW! Went to see Jake last night in Anchorage. He was fantastic! Really great to see in person. Couple of times, I thought his Kamaka was just going to explode! If you get the opportunity, do go see him. He's amazing!
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    First Dulcimer!

    Just received my first dulcimer. A Sweet Woods Student model. It's really nice. Can't wait to get it home and start playing with it. My first venture musically outside of my ukes.
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    New uke day!

    Ok, so I'm in Maui. I didn't bring a uke because I thought this would be a nice break from it. (wink, wink). Three days into the vacation and I'm going nuts! Off to Bounty Music and I'm now the owner of a new bright yellow dolphin! Some Aquila strings and this little guy sounds great! Guess I'll...
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    Coming to Maui!!

    We're headed to Maui tonight! Woohoo! Can't wait to get there.
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    KoAloha D-VI?

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone can tell me about the Koaloha D-VI? I have been tempted to go to the dark side and pick up a guitar, until I saw the D-VI. I know Daniel Ho uses one, but would appreciate any thoughts the group has about them. Is it a good alternative to going with a guitar? For...
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    New Padauk Boat Paddle Uke arrives! A Class Act!

    It's Here! And it is amazing! My new Padauk and Adirondack Spruce Concert Boat Paddle Kayak Uke. Padauk back and sides and headstock facing. Spruce top. Ebony fretboard and bridge and the fret board is bound with Padauk. Grover tuners and Worth strings. This is the second one. When I first...
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    Boat Paddle Concert Kayak update

    Just got pics from Jerry at Boat Paddle ukes. The build is done! Now just finish and ship! So what's the "waiting for your new uke to arrive" disease? I think I'm deveolping symptoms.
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    Boat Paddle Kayak build underway!

    I got an email from Jerry at Boat Paddle Ukes today to let me know he has started on my Kayak concert uke. I wasn't expecting to hear from him until the end of April! It's Padauk back and sides with an Adirondak Spruce top. Can't wait!