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  • Please don't be sad Aldrine!
    If it weren't for your Zelda medley on youtube I never would've picked up a ukulele or come this far with it, you're amazing and you and the guys are legends and you do an awesome job! You give us free lessons and the undie awards and a place where everyone can gather and learn and share :D haters are gonna hate but they ain't worth your time. Thanks for everything :)
    Aldrine, I'm sorry that you have to be the subject of criticism because of the VIP program. I think it's a great way for the forum members to give back. I know to me, its worth it just from the lessons you put out. Thats something someone would have to pay hundreds of dollars in lessons fees for. For FREE. Thats AMAZING. You don't know how much I appreciate it. Keep rockin.

    Great idea with the "VIP" and "Tip" things. I'm sorry to see that you're catching some flack for it. We're still VERY grateful to all that you guys have done for the Uke community. Keep up the good work.
    big fan of your music and lessons. a inspiration and a teacher to me. Keep it up.

    Squid aka Eric

    What up? Hope all is good. The site is looking unreal! Sooo many members now. Sorry I have not been over here in a while. Still jammin' thanks to you all at UU!

    Hey Aldrine, this is the crazy guy that bought some stuff from you in Poipu and then went to your gig. Just wanted to say thanks and I really enjoyed meeting you and Aaron. You guys were very nice to meet up and have me come to the gig. You are absolutely amazing on the uke and my whole family has been listening to your CD's non stop. Very relaxing to listen to and very well played. You are a rockstar! Thanks again to you two and see you next year maybe!!!
    Michael(tall white dude with shirt off in shopping center)
    Thank you for all you do. I will catch you during your next So Cal tour. I missed the last one. Your sharing enthusiasm really takes me back to all of the wonderful guitar players (who are now legend) I had the good fortune to meet in the sixties. Folks like Doc Watson, Merle Travis, and John Hurt always seemed to take the time to sit down with you and share something. Thank you again
    Hey, Aldrine Dont want to be a bother but your a ukulele genious and all and i was wondering if you could tell me the best ukulele for carrying around out of a case around school for under 100 dollars.

    Thanks alot logan! you can reach me at Loganpotato on Aim if needed.

    Thanks mate!
    Hey Aldrine

    It was great getting to Meet you at the NAMM, thanks for doing the interview and for doing all the great teaching.

    Thanks for making the uke so accessable!

    Michael - Eddy Finn Guy
    Aloha Bruddah, Never heard of you till I got the "UKU ITCH" 2 months ago. You totally blow me away with your uke playing, compositions, stage presence and genuine love for the instrument. I viewed " CLOSE TO YOU", one of my personal favorite song ( loved Karen Carpenter's voice), so pure and natural, from the heart, just like your uke playing. You are diffenitely inspiring. I was born and raised in Honolulu (Kalihi), started playing uke at 9 or 10 yrs. old but never really got that good, adequate at best. Learned from neighbor hood freinds and by ear. Did'nt learn the names of the songs or the chords, typical Island boy way. I'm now 64 yrs. old living in Northern California for the past 43 yrs., still missing Hawaii. Anyway, my question is, would it be impolite for me to ask you to autograph my KALA FMC ukulele? Mahalo...BO...
    Hey man, I've been watching your YouTube videos and you're definitely my inspiration, I wanna be able to play like you one day.
    It was great to meet you and Ryan and Aaron on your California Tour! Had so much fun jamming on the beach! I think that was the most fun I've ever had playing music.
    Hey aldrine im a new member and i was wondering if ur ganna be in oahu and and do like a little uke jam with oahus UU member? if you are i would like to be informed cause im a oahu westsider and would like to learn from you personally
    Hi Aldrine

    If you would like to try out my Uke Leash Ukulele Half Strap, stop by my booth at the Cerritos Uke Fest this Saturday, and I will give you one. I notice that in some of your videos, you use a sound hole hook strap, so you might want to see how this compares. I am a big fan of your web shows!
    Hi Aldrine, sooo bummed I can't see you in Berkley this week, my Dad has to work and can't take me. We saw you in Reno and you signed my Ukulele. If you are ever traveling in Central California (by Yosemite) and need a place to crash my parents said you are welcome to stay (they think you are awsome too). Anyway, sorry I am going to miss your show. p.s. I just entered the Kooky Cookie Contest in the forums, let me know what you think of my video. Thanks
    Me too, late! Well, I was on time on Twitter! :D Anyway, Happy Birthday yesterday! I know you had a great time at Disneyland! I hope your day was perfect in every way and that you have a wonderful year ahead of you!
    Oh man I'm a day late and a dollar short.
    Oh well I hope you had a great Birthday yesterday. Many more 2 ya.
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