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  • Hauoli Lahanau, Brah!

    You bring Aloha with you wherever you go.

    You have been abd continue to be a Great Ambassador of Aloha for the uke and UU!

    Hope to see you in Seattle sometime.

    Aloha Aldrine,
    Hau'oli La Hanau!!! I hope you have a wonderful B-day!!!
    Take Care and God bless!! MM Stan...
    Happy Birthday man, I remember the last one as if it was must be getting well old now lol.
    aloha aldrine,
    i saw on your kamaka concert that you have that pickguard. do you know where i would be able to get the same one for my koaloha concert. thanks
    Hey Aldrine,
    Just wanted to say a massive hello from Aussieland, your video's are day by day making me a better player and its just awesome to have someone of ur skill putting himself out there for the better-ment of new players like me.

    Thanks mate,
    Hey Aldrine. Still playin' my uke a bunch...don't worry I haven't forgot about the UU! Keep growing ukestars...ha. Good work on everything...props to you all at UU.
    Hi Aldrine I love watching your youtube videos. I just joined the sight because I heard you say how to register.
    Hey aldrine,
    I was wondering about what you think about the kanilea ukuleles, good? Nice custom uke by the way. Cannot wait for a east coast tour.
    eh bruddah man. great site! been here for a second now...figured I should add you as a friend incase i wunna pick ur brain. haha! jus kiddin man.
    Hey Aldrine,

    I bought your Ukulele Solos dvd from a ukulele shop here in Australia, and it is freakin' great! Love the way you explained and demonstrated things, very helpful for beginners like myself. Anyways I decided to enrol to ukulele underground uni (UKE 102), so see you at campus on monday!



    I've learned so much from you. You're quite an inspiration. It would be awesome to play together one day. Thanks!

    Aloha Aldrine,
    I just wanted to stop by and say wuuuuuzuuuuuuuuuup!
    I hope you get back to NYC some time soon.
    If not...I'll be over in the 808 in May or July.
    Maybe we can hook up.
    Be well!
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