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    15 minute session with Alderine

    Hello. I signed up for a private session with Aldrine . What should I expect? Do we just talk? Do I play? I am getting very nervous about it. I said I am having problems with my strumming and switching chords.
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    Second tenor Kala KA-ASCP-T or Ohana 90sc

    I have a koaloha ktm-00 that I love. And a Kala koa elite concert. I am thinking of getting a second tenor. I am also wondering if a second all koa - Kala elite koa tenor would sound significantly different from my koaloha. I am rather intrigued by the different sounds different tone woods make...
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    A stupid question about straps.

    One of my ukuleles came with buttons, so I purchased a strap for it. Do I leave it on or do I take it off after I finish playing? I purchased the strap hoping it would help with this particular uke. My fretting hand hurts after I play, this doesn’t happen with my other ukuleles. It ‘cuts’ into...
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    Do laminate ukuleles need a humidifier?

    I use humidifiers in my two solid wood ukuleles. Do my two laminates need humidors? I live in NYC. The lowest the humidity has gotten in my apartment this winter was 39%. It was usually 40-50%. Thank you.
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    Basic Ukulele maintenance/ care

    I am a relative newbie. How should I be taking care of my ukuleles? I have 3 soon to be 4. Two are laminates,two are solid koa wood. I keep them in cases, lying flat down. I wipe them down with a lint free cloth after playing them and have a humidifier in the solid wood one. I live in NYC.
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    Which to get Kala koa elite tenor or koaloha ktm?

    I chose the 2020 which was the upper one. They both are beautiful but I liked the off centered look and kept going back to it. My husband liked that the best too.
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    Which to get Kala koa elite tenor or koaloha ktm?

    There are two. Both are the newer model. One was made in 2019, the other in 2020. Both are beautiful, about $150 price difference after shipping etc. I am just trying to decide which. It is difficult from just photos. One seems to have mor variations of colour. I must decide quickly before they...
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    Which to get Kala koa elite tenor or koaloha ktm?

    I had posted asking about Kala koa elite tenor vs two others. Someone purchased the koa elite before I decided. In further looking for another kala elite, I found a gorgeous koaloha KLM tenor. Both are supposed to be in excellent condition. The prices are pretty much the same. I can’t try them...
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    Kala elite koa, Martin t1k or Ohana 90sc tenors

    I am a newbie, I don
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    Hi! New member from NYC

    I have been trying to play for over a year. I have no musical experience. Playing is still pretty awful, but I am slowly getting better. I hope! My first uke was a gift, a Luna blue wave concert. I purchase a sound smith spalted maple concert a few months later. I find the difference in sound...