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    Bass Preamp???

    Noticed that guitar players that try to play bass need to change their outlook. Often play too many notes & runs, lose their timing, which is critical. One thing I really miss is playing with a drummer. Haven't played bass for over a year due to the pandemic - have been playing guitar with my...
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    Anyone play nylon guitar over a steel string?

    I alternate between an electric bass and classical guitar. Recently tried playing a friend's Bourgeois; sounded good but the neck felt too narrow.
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    June 21 Make Music Day

    Just learned that one our small group leaders wants to sign us up. It's a worldwide event - anyone else participating?
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    Why Classical Guitars look alike

    I traded my Merida classical guitar in for a Suzuki SCG-200 yesterday. It has a solid Sitka Spruce top, solid Rosewood back & sides. The Merida looked nicer, but didn't sound nearly as good. Also tried a Takamine Hirade, at twice the price of the Suzuki. It was a better guitar but didn't...
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    Crazy - 2nd best version ever!

    This is one of the best versions that I've ever heard of this classic song. The vocals & guitar playing are simply amazing!
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    Bass & singing

    While playing the guitar I can sing but have a much harder time when playing bass. Have to concentrate on the rhythm which throws me off. Impressed by bass players that can sing well. Have always been amazed with Felix cavilere of the rascals. He sang lead while playing the Hammond b3 organ...
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    Irig acoustic stage - percussion?

    I either play electric bass or guitar with several uke groups in Honolulu. If our cajon player is missing & there's enough uke players & I'm playing guitar that day, I sometimes use my irig to turn my classical guitar into a percussion instrument. Makes things more interesting. The irig mic...
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    Upright Bass Players

    Anyone else impressed with upright bass players? I'm a guitar player that alternates between electric bass in a few ukulele groups. (masquerading as a bassist) Whenever I see what upright bass players come up with, i'm totally blown away. Consider them 'real' bass players. Pls check out this...
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    Uneven bass response

    At our jam last Friday my friend tried playing his kala ubass through my amp. He played a number of songs & I ended up playing his ubass the rest of the jam. He has roundwound strings & my rumble 40's settings were flat. We both noticed that some notes were much louder than others. He tried...
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    This is one of my pet peeves - bass players that try to do too much. For example, in the Woody Guthrie song 'This Land is Your Land' or other ballads, most people would stick to a simple bass line of root/fifth. However, if you choose to play a walking bass line, the tempo & notes should fit...
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    Savarez Classical Strings

    Prior to joining a local uke group, I hadn't played my classical guitar in years (the frets were all green!) Bought it new 37 year ago w/ cardboard case for $100. It's a Terada that was made in Nagoya, JA & looks nice with a rosewood body & spruce top. Don't believe they make guitars...
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    Multiple bass players?

    I've always had problems playing with other bass players in the same group. We'd end up 'stepping on each others' toes' & generally mess up the sound of the group. Kohanmike, I wonder how you do it? Anyway, last week an old time group member showed up with a gas can bass (a variation of a...
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    How do you practice?

    I used to take my bass (& amp) out & just play along to CDs for fun. However, since joining a uke group I now need to practice specific songs. I've always disliked playing bass alone, so I practice with my classical guitar. Since I normally fingerpick, I play whatever bass lines I can with my...
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    Roland Cazimero

    Sad to hear of Roland's passing yesterday. He was half of my all-time favorite Hawaiian music group.
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    'Fun Fun Fun' and 'Barbara Ann'

    Yesterday, we recorded a video at Ala Moana Park. My Blackstar Fly3 Bass seemed to work well.