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  • Hi there! I just read the thread about your Amy model uke (whee!) and I love it! The pictures are gorgeous, and just the thought that a 'what if?' thread became a beautiful instrument...inspiring. I did notice that you seemed to say you were a knitter? Me too! I've been knitting a little more than a year, though it comes and goes timewise - I've been playing more, lately. Still I know it's a life-long hobby for me, and one I enjoy. There should be some uke/knitters club, somehow in a way I can't articulate, the two seem to hold hands quite nicely. Anyhow! Just wanted to say hullo, make pals.

    Amy, you must be so excited to get that prototype! How can you stand it? :D
    Thanks for that. I pretty much set myself to a $1500 budget when it comes to my custom, so it looks like I have another luthier to go to other than MP. Thanks again.
    Cool knitted crab on the knitty frontpage. I want one! Oh, and how much did that custom uke cost you? I'm trying to gather more info on luthiers for my upcoming custom uke.
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