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    these are so beautiful i fell over

    Post was reported, thread title edited to remove language
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    maui music all cedar ultralight tenor ukulele

    As a note, please do not post links to other listings in the Ukulele Underground Marketplace. This board is strictly for Ukulele Underground Forum members who want to buy/sell directly with each other, not using another website or service. Thank you!
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    Hamano H-100 soprano for sale *** price drop #2 ***

    Please set a price that you are willing to sell for. It's just part of the rules of the Ukulele Underground Marketplace. Thank you so much for understanding!
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    FS/FT Soprano Luna model no. L400 (EU only)

    Hey Finn, thank you for posting to the Ukulele Underground Marketplace. Please post an asking price for your for sale item. The Marketplace is not optimized for bidding or auction-style interactions, in the event that multiple people are interested in items, so we ask all members to post a...
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    Ukulele memes

    Or one SUPER custom!
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    Aquilla AG X AQ strings, 162Q low unwould G

    Thanks for your feedback details of your experience, I'll tell Aldrine to mention it to Aquila directly as well. Also, thanks to Tin Ear for reporting - this thread has now been moved from Site Suggestion to the Uke Talk section. Mahalo!
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    Locking thread. In the future, please set your asking price for any item posted for sale in the Ukulele Marketplace section.
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    Locking this thread. Please be careful out there, use the anecdotes provided to be aware if you're ever in a similar situation, and please be nice to one another.
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    Thanks E.Z.! This user has been banned. As a heads up to everyone, especially if you are selling an ukulele in the marketplace, please be weary of messages like this. This is a popular message format that scammers use. "Hey [name / generic term] Are you still looking to buy/sell [sometimes...
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    Private Conversations/Messaging

    ^mountain goat is totally correct, please only use "start conversation" to send messages privately to members. Otherwise, profile posts are publicly viewable, so definitely do not post sensitive information using that method. In the event that you do, delete the post or contact me to delete...
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    Unforgettable ukulele/music experiences

    One of the best things about the ukulele is that it's so easy to start learning. And once you start learning to play music, to perform music, to create music, it opens up an entire world of both appreciation and life experiences that you would never otherwise have. Over the years, so many...
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    Uke Like the Pros Questionable Business Practices

    Locking this one down, as per the OP's request.
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    Latest Profile Posts

    This is correct. If you would like to interact with someone privately/directly (PM/DM), please use the "Start conversation" button. You can do this by hovering or clicking on their profile photo & clicking "Start conversation" or double clicking on their profile photo, going to their profile...
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    Uke Like the Pros Online Shop

    Locking thread, please DM individual members for further discussion/information.
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    Hey Lynda, thanks for posting in the UU Forum. I'd like to remind everyone to please be safe when interacting, especially in the marketplace. If possible, do not post your personal email address on a public forum (spam bots often crawl forums to collect addresses). Instead we encourage anyone...