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    Private Conversations/Messaging

    ^mountain goat is totally correct, please only use "start conversation" to send messages privately to members. Otherwise, profile posts are publicly viewable, so definitely do not post sensitive information using that method. In the event that you do, delete the post or contact me to delete...
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    Unforgettable ukulele/music experiences

    One of the best things about the ukulele is that it's so easy to start learning. And once you start learning to play music, to perform music, to create music, it opens up an entire world of both appreciation and life experiences that you would never otherwise have. Over the years, so many...
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    Uke Like the Pros Questionable Business Practices

    Locking this one down, as per the OP's request.
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    Latest Profile Posts

    This is correct. If you would like to interact with someone privately/directly (PM/DM), please use the "Start conversation" button. You can do this by hovering or clicking on their profile photo & clicking "Start conversation" or double clicking on their profile photo, going to their profile...
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    Uke Like the Pros Online Shop

    Locking thread, please DM individual members for further discussion/information.
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    Hey Lynda, thanks for posting in the UU Forum. I'd like to remind everyone to please be safe when interacting, especially in the marketplace. If possible, do not post your personal email address on a public forum (spam bots often crawl forums to collect addresses). Instead we encourage anyone...
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    TUS/HMS Communication Issue Resolved by Andrew

    At the bottom of any thread/post there is a "Report" button, please use it. Report spam, threads that are listed in the wrong sections, inappropriate conduct, or anything like the above thread. Mahalo, locking thread now.
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    What song is Corey playing here?

    Yes! I guess it's a fairly common chord progression. I was just thinking "Someday at Christmas" by Stevie Wonder to add to the pile.
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    Bonnie and Clyde '03 Tabs?

    Oh, minor detail, the TAB is written for Low G ukulele. It looks like your ukulele is strung with a Low G though, so you should be good.
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    Bonnie and Clyde '03 Tabs?

    Pretty much the same thing as the TAB for Fighters, you read it left to right. The top sections are the musical notation and the bottom parts are the actual TAB. (If you don't know how to read musical notation, you can just disregard it. It's mostly helpful for figuring out how long to hold...
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    What song is Corey playing here?

    Yup, they're both incredible players and very good friends of ours. They've been on the Ukulele Underground podcast before and have asked for Aldrine to be on The Ukulele Site podcast the next time he's on Oahu, so hopefully we can feature more content with both of them soon!
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    Bonnie and Clyde '03 Tabs?

    Awesome, so glad you were able to figure out that tab. Great job! It's funny, a long time ago that guy Ariel used to hang out in the Ukulele Underground Forum a lot (his username was watchmeuke). He was a great player, but his ukulele was almost never in tune and this video is no exception...
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    "For once in my life" Karlie G -Stevie Wonder

    Karlie has a video of this song on her own channel that shows the chords she's holding a lot better: Here's a lyric and chord sheet for the chords she uses:
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    What song is Corey playing here?

    Definitely sounds like it. This sound sample was taken from The Ukulele Site Podcast Episode 21.45 (around 57:05). Most likely, Corey was just noodling around & playing nice-sounding chords. Usually if Corey and/or Kalei play a specific song, they label it in the podcast timeline. For...
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    Not mine yet.

    Locking this thread for now. For anyone posting instruments in the UU Marketplace - Please make sure that you legitimately own the ukulele before posting it on the UU Marketplace. For anyone interested in buying instruments on the UU Marketplace - please verify that the seller actually...