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  • How's this week looking for you? I am going to The Nekromantix tonight and I think my Wednesday is shot as well.
    Hey arashi_nero

    I've uploaded some pictures from the event I mentioned the other day.
    I was not sure how the group photos worked, so I mistakenly copied the photos there. If you want, you can remove them from there, because I have started a new discussion with a link to my album.

    By the way, how does this discussion group works?
    Every new discussion or post, the group members receive a notification or something?
    Hi, Jason
    I agree "ukulele makes people smile and 笑う門には福来る! and when you start thinking you're going nowhere, remember 百戦錬磨!!! " .
    And "once in a lifetime encounter" 一期一会!
    Thanks for an encounter with you!
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