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    Any Way to Print or Save a Thread?

    Some (most?) modern browsers can print the whole window without the scrollbars. On Edge it's "Web Capture", and I believe there are similar features in Chrome and Safari. It still requires going to each page in a multi-page thread, but then can capture the whole page. You can see by the location...
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    Ukuleles in Las Vegas

    Definitely. You might want to delete the link from your quote - they're trying to boost their search rating by creating links from real sites.
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    It depends on what you're doing, what you like, and what you're comfortable with. The selling point for the people I know who've bought the Enya Nova are that they like how it looks, sounds, and feels. I think everybody I know who has one got the fancy electronics. The durability is a bonus...
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    Lava Music Lava U Concert Ukulele

    Check out the Enya Nova. Fancy electronics, similar carbon fiber filled poly body, funky colors, and well liked by many. Less than half the price of the Lava and includes the (standard) strap.
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    Lava Music Lava U Concert Ukulele

    And that's non-obvious and a key point. Definitely something worth calling out in a review! If Mr. Mobi's trying to shill for Lava he might want to look up the "Streisand effect" I suspect one could 3d print a connector for another strap, but what a pain to deal with.
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    Picture Quality

    And a photo straight from the iPhone. It asked me what size and I had to choose a smaller one, but no need to transfer to the Mac to convert
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    Picture Quality

    You can set an iPhone to save pictures as JPEG instead of HEIC in Settings / Camera / Formats / Most Compatible. Would be nice to be able to upload HEIC directly as most systems can view them natively now (assuming one can't: this screen shot was uploaded directly. Not sure where if it got...
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    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    They're trying to be clever. The initial post grabs attention and is more likely to be flagged as spam. They often come back a day or three later and edit in a spam link. Real people are less likely to notice that and report the post, but search engines still see it as a valid link.
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    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    Different Lucille, though now I'm picturing BB rushing into a burning chocolate factory to save his guitar! Thanks for the image! :)
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    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    I'm not a namer of instruments or cars (my instrument "names" are descriptive: "big blue", "little blue", "pinky", etc. and my car was named by the kid across the street), but I can understand the allure. Would Lucille or Trigger have the same mystique if they didn't have names? I may have...
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    U bass - looking for a recommendation

    If you want to approximate an upright sound go for the flooby rubber strings (that’s a technical term). How tied to uke scale are you? I have two basses with Aquila Thunderguts and find them much more friendly at a longer scale - they’re great in the 25” scale GoldTone MicroBass and too loose...
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    Is it still UAS if you buy a uke for someone else?

    It's not the acquisition that's a problem, it's the lies! :) Congrats on your^H^H^H^H^H her new uke! I love my TUS-35 (non-L). It's a fantastic knock-abouter. What colour did she^H^H^H^H you choose?
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    Highlighted Link Color/Underline

    Ok. That's kind of weird. It's green in the "Pro Blue" theme (which is mostly brown) and blue in the "Default" theme (which is mostly blue and unbranded). And what does it say about me that I knew where it was going and clicked anyway? :)
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    Which Chord To Pose With?

    Just take a second look for unintended consequences. On a scrollsaw board I used to frequent a poster shared a piece he'd made with a guitarist playing a C chord. If you didn't know what you were looking at it was easily mistaken for a rude gesture, and once seen it couldn't be unseen. The piece...
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    Why not buy a 1/2 sized guitar instead of a guitarlele?

    It's marketing: a guita(r)lele is a short scale guitar marketed to ukulele players. Most I've seen using those terms are tenor scale (17") rather than baritone scale (20"), and Wikipedia (the source of all truth in the universe) likens guitalele with 1/4 sized guitars. Your 1/2 size 23" scale...