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  • Aloha Roberta...Your PM Box is filled, I am glad to see you back on UU Girl and your shoulder is feeling mush better... :)
    Aloha and Season Greetings....Your PM box is filled...fry them babies.....lemon butter caper sauce...good luck tomorrow..
    Hi Roberta,
    I saw the thread you started on hobbies. Thought that I would say hi. Hi! just wanted to say that you appear to be in the same vicinity as Tack (Tim in Canberra) and YogaJen (Jenifer in Sydney area). Maybe you folks can get together. I don't know the geography there, but I know that I drive for hours to be with other ukulele players. I have met Jen and hope to meet Tim and I live about half the way around the world from you guys.

    hey Roberta! Lovely to have you here mate, your posts and kindness and energy are infectious and much appreciated buddy. warm welcomes and blessings from the Apple Isle. Looking forward to having a jam with the Forster Jumping Fleas one day :)
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