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    I've been wanting a kamaka pineapple, a g-string uke, or a standard kamaka but unfortunately I don't have the funds for it right now! Concert is my favorite size but I like soprano also. I have this super nice Takamine acoustic electric guitar to trade. Just had it set up by a luthier. Mint...
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    Fender Nohea Tenor

    This is a practically new Fender Nohea Tenor. I'm used to playing concert and soprano and couldn't really get used to the tenor size. It's in perfect shape, just like the day I bought it. Has a brand new set of aquilas on it. It has a really awesome curl to the koa on the sides of the uke. It...
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    Koaloha standard soprano and Kala KA-S soprano FS or FT

    Both ukes are sold!
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    changing from geared tuners to friction?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever changed tuners from geared to friction? I searched the forum but I could only find topics on changing out from friction tuners. I can't stand the weight and the look of the geared tuners. I'll take it to a luthier to have it done, so I'm not doing a home job.. I...
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    WTB Kiwaya KS-1 or KSL-1

    I'm going on a trip to Colorado in a few weeks and I'm looking for a small laminate uke to take with me.. I wanted a koalana but then found out they're actually solid. I played a friend's Kiwaya KS-1 and liked it, so one of these would be perfect. I saw I missed one on here by about a week ...
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    Am I the only one that likes friction tuners best?

    I've noticed that in a lot of discussions on the forum people seem to strongly favor geared tuners. I don't know why but I just like friction tuners better. I like the look better and they seem equally as easy to use.. In fact, I just got a new Kanile'a concert and the only thing I would change...
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    WTB mahogany Koalana

    I'm looking to buy a mahogany Koalana preferably with the amber tuning pegs instead of the black ones that originally were on them. If anyone is interested in selling theirs let me know the condition and the price.
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    Lanikai SM-CE concert solid spalted mango with pickup <SOLD>

    SOLD!! For sale or trade..I'm trying to get some money for a Koaloha super concert so some old ukes have to go! Lanikai SM-CE solid top, back, and sides. Has a pickup so you can amplify it and it also doubles as a strap button. This uke is only a little over a month old. It looks brand new and...
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    smelly case?

    I just got a new "uke crazy" alligator skin hard case for one of my ukes.. It looks great and offers good protection, but this thing smells! I'm assuming it's from the glue they used to make it, but it smells just like a skunk. I put one of those baking soda fridge fresheners in for 3 days and...