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    This can't be Shameless Self Promotion because you are doing really good things. Thank you and good luck. I hope you can record a short video for us about the progress of your students ;)
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    'Uke Like the Pros' courses

    You described it in such a way that now you have to go and see what is so engaging there 😆 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The power of music can heal any wound. I write songs...
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    Which movies made you cry?

    A week ago, I watched Hachiko and while the movie was on, everything was ok. But then I read a real story, saw a photo of that dog, and I got carried away. Cried for almost 2 hours
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    New Tax Rules for 2022 Affects Use of PayPal and Other Cash Apps

    It just looks scary. As mentioned, the overall impact on your AGI and tax burden will be small. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to such changes in general, because with each such step there are more restrictions.
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    New member Spam

    As a new member, I'll express my opinion. Many forums have various spam monitoring systems, but none of them can guarantee protection. Another thing is when the moderators delete any of your messages, which, in their opinion, may turn out to be unreliable. Once I tried to find out information...