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  • The problem is I work evening/nights with a rotating schedule every other week. . I seem to work the nights that the jam is on.
    Nosing in on you and Kurts conversation.. Please come back to moon and river.. club meets on the 8th. It would be great to meet other uu'ers!
    Hi, Asisensei!

    So for which hospital are you an RN? I only ask because, as a retired firefighter/paramedic, I knew lots of Ellis & St. Clare's RNs over the years.

    Of course, I retired 7 years ago...

    Come back to the Moon and River! It is much fun!

    I am outside of Albany. I went to it before I got my Fluke. 5 people were there and they were fairly accomplished. They were very friendly and even offered to let me use one of their spare ukes. I declined due to having never played the uke and didn't want to slow them down. I will end up going back though.
    Was just reading your post on UUU. Thanks for the information! Then noticed your in upstate NY. Not sure where, but if you are near Schenectady they have a monthly group that meets in a cafe. I haven't been, only had my uke a few weeks, have you been?
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