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    Larry Crowne

    I just watched the movie Larry Crowne and was wondering if there were really gangs or large groups of mopeds driving around California? Not to make fun, I would love to use a moped as an alternative mode of transportation, but the roads around here in Indiana are not to moped friendly. I was...
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    UU VIP Problems

    I keep getting messages that UU VIP is trying to renew through my PayPall account. I checked here and I'm paid up through 2015, and I just got this e-mail: Hello, Your subscription to UU VIP (yearly) Subscription has been cancelled because your ach is invalid. You will not be billed for...
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    The Jokes You Wish You Had've Told...

    A man was driving down the road and ran out of gas. At that very moment, a bee flew in through his side window. The bee said, 'What seems to be the problem?' 'I'm out of gas,' the man answered. The bee told the man to wait right there and flew away. Minutes later, the man watched as an...
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    K series Eleuke on it's way!!

    I got a little crazy with some inlay stickers. At least I can peel them away easy enough. I also would recommend the Ukulele Leash with the Button Adapter. Small, light, and works great.
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    Those Big Ear Plugs Performers Wear

    OK, I know nothing about performing or the equipment they use on stage. I've notice on TV a lot of live performers are wearing these big electronic ear plugs while they sing and play. What all do those big plugs do? It looks like they are piping in more music on top of what they already have...
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    Eleuke K-Series Tenor

    Ok I just got a Red K-series Eleuke Tenor, TCK-100 a few weeks ago. First off from the Eleuke web site: Eleuke MP3 K-series Solid Body Electric Ukulele – Red • MP3 Input, headphone output, 1/4 inch output • Ebony nut, Rosewood bridge/saddle • Aquila Strings, High...
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    Ukulele on the Radio

    I'm not sure who it is but the radio station is advertising him as the "Jimmy Hendricks of the Ukulele". You can listen live: They usually don't have live music on until around 5 central if that helps on when to listen.
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    I Like the Smell

    My new uke is about four weeks old now and it still smell like fresh cut wood and glue. My wife keeps telling me to stop smelling the ukulele :rotfl::cheers:
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    So I have a Korg CA-30 tuner and through some searches I have found I should have my tuner set to 440 hz. My question is what determines the hertz to tune an instrument? Thanks :)