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    FS: Mya-Moe Baritone Classic (#1634)

    2015 Mya-Moe Baritone Classic # 1634 (with case) for sale for $1300.00 plus shipping. No trades unless you have a American Paul Reed Smith guitar. This is a sweet sounding and looking baritone and I hate to sell it but I've decided to concentrate on playing 6 string guitar. I got it in a...
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    Strings Recommendations for baritone strings?

    I just put D'Addario Titaniums on my Mya-Moe. I'm not sure how I like them yet. How long does it take for the strings to settle down and stay in tune on a uke ? This was my first string change and I'm struggling to keep it in tune.
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    new uke being delivered today, how long to wait to open it ?

    I waited about an hour and a half all is good. Thanks everyone :) Awesome uke !
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    new uke being delivered today, how long to wait to open it ?

    Yea I got a new (used) uke being delivered today (a Mya-Moe Baritone) and it's really hot here so I'm wondering how long I should wait to open the box to let it acclimate to the temp change. I hate waiting but I don't want to damage it either. Is a couple hours ok ?
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    Uke group bass players roll call

    I don't play in a uku group (but I'd like to) but I do use my GT fretless in the band I play in. It works really well in an acoustic rock band.
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