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  • Yay!!! Leslie, I got my strings today and I can't wait to re-string my uke tonight :) Will be traveling out of state this weekend to sing for cancer patients and their families so these strings came right on time. Thanks so much for all you have done to help encourage me and all the other new Seasonistas on our musical journeys. I hope you have a lovely day!

    Your Slingerland is real pretty. So what do the Brits call blokes that wear skirts.... Don't say Scottish!
    aww shucks. I fiddle with too many instruments to get brilliant with any but i do love to play. My aim is to be a master by retirement, after which i can really start learning. Mr Zaza is a treat to watch. I am reinventing his version of mr sandman right now to suit my right hand ... My wife Jo was also born in England and we both hope to get over there with our kids before they get too much older so I will def. check yr blog for what's on when the time comes ;)
    Hi! I had a squid at your blog today, and I somewhat envious. So much goings on in uk for the uke. James Hill and Andy Eastwood r the two absolute musts for me ... One day. I am a pom so ill have to come back - yr blog is great ... It must be fun to keep.
    Hi Lesley! The Kiwaya is wonderful, I can't put it down! What news have you got? :)
    Bonsoir, Gypsy! Hope you are well.

    I was just checking in with your blog, which is always a delight! Will you be posting updates on the Living Water strings? I've decided to try all sorts of different strings (on my lonely little Blue Dolphin, Fifi Bonne-Soirée, but she will one day have siblings), and I have a friend bringing back two types of Ko'aloha strings from the US next week (plus other little ukagoodies). I will be visiting England in the fall and perhaps I can pick up some of the Living Water strings then.

    Really looking forward to my trip to the UK! We're attending a graduation in Cheltenham but will manage a day at the racecourse and I am going to see if UkeGlos will have me. Wow! Horse racing and ukes! Doesn't get much better than that, does it?

    Thanks again for your terrific blog. It's often informative and always fun.
    Yes indeed - i am a folk fan. I love to watch folk dancing and in particular border morris and molly dancing.
    Your welcome Lesley.I am not really a folkie :) but that is what is so great about the seasons it opens up so much other music that i or others dont usually listen to. I must say i love all the old american stuff now and Jon has really got me into Woody Guthrie, another of the seasons weeks was 12 bar blues and i love to attempt the blues on the uke now. Please feel free to enter the seasons as well. But it is also nice to know you enjoy following it.
    Kindest regards,
    Dave :)
    Thank you for your kind words.

    I'm truly glad to hear that the chord transitions are getting easier for you. You know, that's the
    bottom line when it comes to playing the uke, knowing the chords (by name and formation) and
    being able to make the transitions in tempo. : )

    keep uke'in',
    Hi Gypsy! Just enjoying your blog. I agree wholeheartedly about Ukulele Mike. I was watching his videos and practicing strumming patterns before I even ordered my uke. By the time Fifi came home, I had the calypso strum pattern down solid -- after that I just had to learn the chords! Anyway, he's good, but he's also just a lot of fun to hang out with. Not a lot of ukulele going on around here, so every now and then I play along with Ukulele Mike!

    Keep up the good work, on the blog and the banjolele!
    Search for BRUCEWEIART on Ebay to view more of the Uke's he sells.......there is quite a Variety and different styles........I have a Tenor on the way too!! :O)
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