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  • Ah yes, now I see what you mean. Thanks for those pics. You have a very fine uke and it is very, very similar to the one I found. I think yours was made around the same time or perhaps a year or two later, say, 1920?

    Mine has wooden pegs and yours has those nice little button tuners I have on some of my other ukes.

    That crack really should be repaired IMO. If the crack was repaired properly your uke would be worth between $1,500 - $2,000. As it is, maybe $1000? Please understand that these are just guesses. I bought mine on eBay for $2,250 which I thought was a good price considering its condition and original case. I am a collector of old Martin ukes, I have several of them. Thanks again.
    OK, send the pics to a friend of mine. His name is Pascal. his email address is
    Mine was much cheaper than what you'd pay on eBay for a vintage Martin style with original case in mint condition. I've seen ukes in similar condition fetch up to $3K.
    Yes, there is one very small (one inch) crack on the back but no big deal. I think my uke spent most of its life inside the case.
    Do you have any pics or videos of your uke? I'd like to hear it.
    Interesting story. So you found this old Martin uke in your parents garage, but it was not theirs? How did it get there I wonder? Are you going to keep it and play it?
    Mine sounds good. I strung it up and posted a link to me playing it in the 'forgotten uke' thread.
    - Terry
    Hi BigDB - Thanks for your kind words in the 'Forgotten Uke' thread. You mentioned a similar uke. Did you also find one?
    - Terry
    Here are you in SoCal? Island Bazaar in Huntington Beach has jams. Maybe start a thread in regional meet ups and ask where to go. Tons of places on SoCal. I live in the Midwest. I am jealous of all the ukulele in SoCal. :)
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