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    my ukulele progress

    Most commercial copiers have a scan function, so you can scan a page into a JPEG file and don't need to buy the paper, it just gets loaded onto your memory stick as a digital file. There was another post from a member lamenting a lack of creativity and not knowing what to do after reaching a...
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    Price increases

    It is supply and demand. Maybe the supply has been artificially managed and there are warehouses with huge stockpiles of wood controlled by a single control freak, but nonetheless, it is about supply and demand. It always has been. So many ukulele owners have such a passion that they are easy...
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    Price increases

    So let us watch the market for Mahalo U30s and Kala KA15S models, not the high end. The Mahalo U30 is out of production, I think its current equivalent is the MR1. So who will be going through their uke stash to bring out the U30s if you can sell them for say $50+, with no strings and some...
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    There was a time when humans ate their food in their fingers. Then someone made a fork and a spoon (maybe not at the same time) and they probably tried a few designs until they worked out what we use today, even though there are many brands of spoons and forks, most of them are very similar in...
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    Recommended Powered Computer Speakers ?

    Sony SRS-XB12
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    A Gift for the Spring Festival

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    A Ukulele Sighting

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    Another Australian Ukulele Talent

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    Radio JJJ Unearthed Baritone Player

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    Jake interview

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    Impact of Exchange Rates on Uke Prices

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    For Students of Math and Stringed Instruments

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    Cement mixer Liberace Slim Gaillard

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    Makala Dolphin "Blowhole"

    Makala Dolphin Sound Port Time expired
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    Uke Painting

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