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    Collings Doghair Finish Mahogany tenor

    Wow. It's so difficult to get that Salt and Pepper Doghair finish right and this one looks perfect. Such a beauty. Good luck with the sale. Bluesy.
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    SOLD _ Kala Elite Solid Honduran Mahogany Tenor

    Congratulations! A wonderful price for an excellent instrument. Bluesy.
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    How to take the next step?

    Playing with others and learning the pentatonic scales are great next steps. To assist you, you may want to check out some of Stu Fuch's Ukulele Zen's YouTube vids on Pentatonic Scales and improvisation. He provides easy introduction to how to approach improvisation. Playing with a...
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    Harmony Ukulele question

    DGBE tuning is no big deal. Play the instrument just like a uke. The chords are the same, just named differently. No problem. Have fun! Bluesy.
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    Harmony Ukulele question

    Looks a lot like a Harmony arch top tenor guitar. This one is from the 60's. Very cool looking. Bluesy.
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    Aaron/anaka fixed my VIP account.

    Thank you Aaron and team members! Bluesy.
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    Aaron/anaka fixed my VIP account.

    Communicated with him some day ago and GOT A MESSAGE TODAY THAT IT WAS FIXED AND IT IS!!!!!!!!! Bluesy.
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    Humidity questions

    Another North Carolinian here. In winter, gas heat will suck all of the humidity out of our home. I use Boveda packs to keep my solid wood ukes at proper humidity levels and monitor them in the winter months with Inkbird Hygrometers. These are small enough to tuck into a case. Inkbird...
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    NUD KoAloha yay!

    Oh it's a real beaut! Congratulations on the new uke and for working your way through a very frustrating situation to a very bright NUD. Bluesy.
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    what are you reading?

    If you're interested in WWII, Upton Sinclair's Lanny Budd series is incredibly well researched. He's was a master of plot and story telling. He won a Pulitzer for Dragon's Teeth. I recently finished the 11th book and didn't want to see the series it end, and I have never gotten hooked by a...
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    Covid Booster

    Same here. Piece of cake for us. Bluesy.
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    Strap Pros and Cons?

    Such a great idea for an alternate uke leash config. Thanks for the suggestion. Always looking for new ways to do things, Bluesy.
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    Fountain Pens and Paper

    You can spend a little or a lot. The flexibility and width of the nib means everything. Consider a reconditioned vintage pen with a 14K nib. Writing with the flexibility of 14K is heavenly. Some people love narrow nibs for a fine delicate line, others prefer broad strokes. The key is that...
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    Strap Pros and Cons?

    I use a Uke Leash. I just can't bear the thought of drilling holes in that gorgeous wood. Bluesy.
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    Arthritis and Strings..

    No worries on either end of it: Beau Hannam has the easy way to restring, guaranteeing you retain the correct string length to wind. (When I grow up, I want a one of his instruments!) Bluesy.