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    A well used Magic Fluke: First impressions

    I had a fluke early on and resold it, mostly because I saw that the fretboard was wearing, much faster than I really anticipated. I sold it and moved on. But it would be nice to have another fluke with the upgraded fretboard. I had a flea for a while too and sold it since I liked the fluke...
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    Tabs, not chords, not staffs, or melody line - ideal books or software?

    mup and ABC notation seem to have a lot in common although I guess ABC may not support tablature.
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    Tabs, not chords, not staffs, or melody line - ideal books or software?

    For bass I would only do standard notation (and chord name) with perhaps an occasional hint for which string to play a note on, most useful for the beginning of phrases. 4ths tuning and mostly single note playing makes bass nice for that...
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    Tabs for Henry VIII: Pastyme with good Companye

    I used to sing this in college with a men's trio. You really need the lyrics with this song. Here's one set: I'm guessing we
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    Anybody Use MuseScore?

    What I *did* was to create a new score with Solo -> Guitar + Tablature, then change to 4 line tab and Ukulele instrument. Never saw anyting about linking in the musescore stuff. I did see a video where someone created a treble cleff using Piano voice, then used 'I' to add a linked but separate...
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    bloomberg article about fender

    interesting article about the guitar market in general:
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    guitar center daily deal mxl v250 mic

    small capsule mic (but bigger than the 990). Amazon carries this for 90usd. On sale for 50usd from guitar center today only. amazon page: of note musiciansfriend also has a...
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    foot tambourines - meinl type.

    I got a couple of these recently and thought I would start a thread. The "big three" I know of are the Latin Percussion, the Meinl classic and (newer) compact foot tambourines. A couple weeks back I ordered the compact meinl and instead received a "classic". The store shipped out the correct...
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    rondo music electric uke (steel strings)

    Just saw this posted over at talk bass in the ubass section. Looks like an electric uke with dual humbucker pickups. Might be a little on the steep side though, and no truss rod I can see:
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    any books similar to tony mizen?

    I just picked up a used Cordoba Mini M from craigslist after selling a concert fluke. I was wondering if there's any books similar to the tony mizen books or similar classical guitar resources. I've only played uke and decided to try my hand at one of these small guitars.
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    Just a headsup. This tuner is on sale for 1usd each, shipping included. Just use coupon code "dollartuner" on checkout. Link is: I really like these tuners a lot!
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    Sadness and Sorrow - Naruto

    just post it somewhere's we can grab it, pls.
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    Did the gig with the Carvin amp.

    okay, that jack is tuner/phones combined. I guess sort of like line out. Interesting the carvin doesn't use a speakon connector. The way its set up (the phone/tuner out and ext speaker are both 1/4" and right next to each other) one could easily and accidentally plug something into the ext...
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    plastic sopranino??

    With the sudden outpouring of lots of plastic ukes in the past couple of years I'm surprised no one has done a plastic sopranino yet. The sell of plastic is for durable portability... I found a video of a 50's plastic sopranino being played here:
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