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    What's happening in your shed?

    Lovely work. What plan did you use?
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    Tinnitus scare

    Go to your doctor and get a professional diagnosis. It may be other things other that tinnitus, like compacted wax, but the earlier you get it checked out the better. If it is tinnitus there is no cure as they are not really sure what causes the ringing as it is frequently not due to damage in...
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    Rosette technique

    Similar to what I do. I make the rosette on a square sheet. I use a 1.5mm cutter in my circle cutting attachment for my router (this matches the 1.5mm bwb purfling I use to edge my soundholes) I then cut the outer circle first and keeping this setting I route the same diameter on the sound...
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    Building my first uke!

    I spent a year looking at YouTube, guitar and ukulele building forums and every book i could lay my hands on before starting. I am an experienced hobby woodworker but this level of research was for me essential. If you have not worked wood before there are some basic skills you will need to...
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    Production grinds to a halt

    You need to Google your symptoms.
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    New workshop assistant...

    We all know this is how instruments are really made ! Bob
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    a uke for my daughter

    This one was finished yesterday for my daughter Sarah and this is #3. The inlay is her star sign. Back and sides; leopardwood Top ; lacewood binding ; oak and bwb purfling. fingerboard, bridge and headstock veneer ; wenge inlay, abalone & maple veneer Finish ; shellac based sanding sealer then...
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    Query re Grellier soprano plan

    Hi I built a soprano uke using the Grellier plan I downloaded. It does not show any fan braces under the bridge so I built it this way. However after being strung up for a week or so it developed a substantial dip in front of the bridge and looking at the bridge from the side it had noticeably...
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    How guitars/ukes are really made

    Made me smile! Cheers, Bob
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    Luthiers Post your coolest build....:)

    Well I have only made two so far but was very pleased with them. Bob :)
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    My first builds

    These are two ukuleles I made for David Goldberg and his son Isaac, during 2013/2014. David was instrumental (no pun intended) in my getting an early retirement package from Lloyds Banking Group and as I had always wanted a go at making an instrument I agreed to make these for him as a thank...