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    NUD: Ken Timms koa soprano

    You could try to contact Ken directly and ask him if he as any advice, he's on the forum under the name Timbuck.
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    Where are all the Ana'ole Ukes - Your experience ?

    I found one full koa for a very good price on ebay a couple of months ago and I am very happy with it! Nice craftmanship. Apparently, it looks like the Southern Ukulele Store is selling them.
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    WTB - ANueNue Moonbird - Europe

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering if anyone located in Europe is looking to sell an ANueNue Moonbird, UC200 or UT 200? Thanks :) Tom
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    Cabinet or cupboard for ukulele - DIY

    Hi Jerry, There are probably thousands of building plans indeed for cabinets, but I couldn't find some for how to adapt it to store ukuleles for instance like in the picture I attach here below. Also ideas for how to integrate a humidifying system in there are welcome. But maybe I searched...
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    Cabinet or cupboard for ukulele - DIY

    Hi everyone, I did a quick search in the forum but couldn't find a thread until now specifically about my question. If there is already one about this topic, please don't hesitate to let me know :-) With my UAS increasing, I would like to have a nice cabinet or cupboard with windows in which I...
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    Keiki Kamaka Gold Label Soprano advice

    Hi Everyone! I was looking for some advice from this forum as I have seen online an interesting instrument, namely a soprano that looks to be a Keiki Kamaka. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to see it for myself (it's not in my country) and can only judge from the pictures. The wood to me...
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    Aloha from Vienna

    Hi All, I have been reading this forum from time to time and decided to finally join! I live in Vienna, Austria since a few years but am originally from Belgium. I never played any instrument in my life until a couple of years ago, although I always would have liked to. But I thought I was too...