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    aNueNue and Rebel Tenors for sale

    Thanks to this ongoing pandemic I will be looking to sell off two of my favorite tenors. If interested, please email at, as I’ve had issues with the messages on here. I’ll gladly take photos if anyone is interested. If you would prefer a trade, let me know what you have. Only...
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    Romero Koa Tiny Tenor and Mango XS Soprano

    I purchased two Romero’s in the Spring but haven’t found as much time to play them as they deserve. First up is a beautiful Koa Tiny Tenor. This little beauty is surprisingly loud for its size. Strung in low G with Uke Logics. Less than 10 hours of play time. Always humidified. Paid $879 for it...
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    FS: Koa Romero Tiny Tenor

    My search for a travel uke led me to purchasing a tiny tenor and an xs soprano. The xs sacrifices quite a bit in terms of sound but it’s so portable. Therefore I’m parting ways with this beautiful Tiny Tenor. It has about a dozen hours of playtime on it. I strung it with some uke logics in low...
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    Wanted: MoonBird

    I’m not picky on size, just looking to pick one of these up to give them a try. I haven’t been able to track any down locally. Thanks!