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  • They're sweet. Good tone, good volume, and easy to bend. I ended up getting them in most of my favorite keys. My Sp20s are now pretty neglected, and I gave away my LOs.
    So I have to ask...did you get any Bushman harps when you got your beautiful new ukulele?
    LOL! I don't usually pwd, but this afternoon was hot and thirsty, and they gave us free drinks at the bar...
    So Deach referred me to you on this subject... Are there any rules around here about pwd (posting while drunk)?
    I would pay you in single malt if you covered Like a Virgin in a thong!
    Hey thanks for the positive comments. I think you are a fine musician and I enjoy watching you play and sing. I would love to be able to work out solo's like you do. I do love playing the uke, and I have been around quite a few different instruments over the years. I started with an acoustic, move to an electric, then played bass guitar for while, drums, back to an acoustic. I think my discovery of the uke at this age is well time. I love being able to play solo's. I'll have to pay more attention to the theory lessons so I can work out some for myself. Cheers
    i've had my fluke since december and i know exactly what you're talking about. i just try not to push down too hard on the strings when i bend on 5 and 7 to avoid scraping against the fret markers. what an annoying thing! i haven't heard anyone else talk about this issue but filing it down probably isn't a bad idea. but don't quote me on that, i don't want you to ruin your fluke. let me know if you want me to take any close up pics of my fret markers if you want to compare.
    awesome, glad to see you on the underground Kevin! your videos are awesome! i'm going to check out your Neil video now. cheers!
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