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  • hi bosko and honey! i hope you get a chance to come back to wilmington, n.c. sometime.

    i was thinking today how it would be really cool if there was a bosko and honey ukulele safari songbook. i'd buy one...

    It was great to meet you in Melbourne. Im so sorry i couldn't stay and watch your performance. I know you and your wife are great musicians and awesome entertainers.
    Your a very kind person and a very nice person to talk to as well. Its a shame that we couldn't jam abit. With work and everything, its kind of hard to get together.
    Im glad we met face to face. Keep up the great job. Watching your videos on youtube makes me smile.


    Nam Nguyen
    my brother and his mates just come round mine and i showed then a few of your vids(my bro is an acomplished bassist) and they all thought when they walked in the room the uke was a toy guitar, then my bro and my mate shaun both ordered a pono tenor each.congratulations you have just recruited two more uke players. i get to play they're ukes first though cos they are getting delivered to my address,lol
    Aloha B&H,
    I lived on the north border of Tokyo in Narimasu, and also in southern Chiba in Oonuki. Does Honey know where Oonuki is? Yes my Japanese speaking is much better than my wifes but my wife can read and write much better, she took Japanese both in High School and College, I just learned from conversation so no writing skills to speak of, I have to learn Hiragana. My son went to college in Kobe so he speaks, reads, and writes better than his parents. It is my honor to have you both as friends.
    A hui hou, AH
    you guys are awesome, nice one come and play devon uk sometime, loads of folk festivals here
    Aloha B & H, You are both more than welcome, and I look forward to your future posts. I had back surgery back in late October and so during my recovery while bedridden I watched Youtube ukulele videos but by far my discovery of your videos made recovery go by that much quicker, VERY entertaining, thank you. My wife of 28 years is Japanese extraction and would pass as Honey's neichan even though she speaks very little Japanese being 3rd generation Japanese of Hawaii AKA sansei. I lived in Tokyo and Chiba for 6.5 years so I very much enjoy the Japanese especially the older folks. If Honey does not mind my asking what part of Japan is she from? Hope you both have a great week end.
    Aloha a hui hou, Ahnko Honu
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