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    All Ukulele Vendors Are Awesome!!!!!

    FYI, Rich is referring to this thread: that was just closed because I asked Aaron to do so, thinking nothing of it other than that my original question had been answered and that...
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    Uke Like the Pros Online Shop

    I'm in no way interested in censoring UU, Rich. It's been fine the way it is for the 15 years I've been here.🤙 Closing this thread (different than deleting, BTW) and starting a new one would be a much more visible and proactive way to address these issues with ULTP, in my opinion. I just...
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    Uke Like the Pros Online Shop

    Not a problem! Don't worry about it. Honest feedback and reviews are important. However, I started this thread asking a very different question than what it morphed into. Nobody's fault, just time to take the discussion to a new thread, if needed, IMO.
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    Uke Like the Pros Online Shop

    Thought this thread had died, but now I'll be asking Aaron to close it officially. I was just looking for some insight, not trying to open a can of worms. Sorry to hear about your trouble, Natika.
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    Listen to this one at 7 minutes or so, titled Follow Me. She's amazing.

    Sounds great, but I could figure out who they are. The live stream doesn't seem to link to an account that I see.
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    Ulu Style 2 Soprano

    Looks fab, Brad. Ulu for the neck too?
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    Affordable video editing software?

    Davinci Resolve is industry standard software. It's free. Really nice to use. Can't imagine using something else while it's available.
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    Favorite tone woods for tenor low G?

    If it's good, it's good, regardless of tonewood. I have spruce top, solid koa, and EKoa ukes - all low-G. They each have a different flavor. The one that's the best overall instrument and that I play most is probably the second best sounding. The reason I play it as my main instrument has little...
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    Ukuleles in video games

    Looks pretty cool. Exciting to see island culture featured in a game. Polynesia has always seemed like a no-brainer setting for an RPG game to me.
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    Your favorite Low G string set? (Replacement for Southcoast LML-RW)

    If they haven't changed since I tried them many years ago, they were kind of thumpy and warm. Much more like an old-school Hilo brand nylon sound than anything fluorocarbon. Not anything like what I experienced from Southcoast sets. I'd send Joel an email and see if he can put together a double...
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    KNA Pickups

    They sent me a couple to try out. Haven't sat down to make a comparison with a normal pickup yet, but I plan to.
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    Amp recommendations

    If two people need to plug in, you're looking at more of a PA option. Most acoustic amps only have an instrument and a mic channel. This can work if somebody uses a mic for their uke, but then you can't sing. I don't have any experience with all-in-ones, but that's most likely the cheapest way...
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    Books for a not-so beginner

    If you're ok with playing single-note melodies (usually a more appropriate and less frustrating challenge for an advanced-beginner than solo arrangements), my ebook might be worth a look:
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    Please, somebody buy this

    That koa fretboard is SICK! The rest of the curl is almost too much, but I love how Hawaiian the fretboard grain looks.
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    Vaseline On Machine Heads

    Does anybody even use oil? I always got the impression with open gear tuners that oil will just collect dust and make things worse. I only add oil sometimes to my Outdoor ukes since they're often salty and full of sand. Interested to see what the consensus is. EDIT: this is interesting and...