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  • I haven't heard from you in so long. what you been doing? still playing ukulele i hope!
    hi, nothing much just been working and doing a few other stuff.
    ive been working with 2 songs.
    blue roses falling & going to californa by jake.
    hey, ony if your coming on tuesday..
    Haha i donyt know if i should bring my uke along! are you?
    hey!! thats great that your usings the tuner! i still havent bought one! haha
    well basically ignore the G3 or G4. Yes your doing it correcly tuning it in the scale of G. Im using high g actually but thats still ok. Most people tune there ukes to low g. But i like it High! I only know a couple of songs, But moslty trying to learn Jakes Shimabukuro. Im currently not learning any other songs because i havent got the time to practise, but if you wanted to check out what i play, you can go on youtube. The Link its on my signature!
    i dont use a tuner i only use the internet.
    i do recommend buying an electric tuner on ebay.
    in melbourne there is a store in the city on russell st ooposite greater union movies called "lewis music store"
    give that a go and let me know
    thats nice, star off as a hobby then turns into passion.
    Im in West side of melbourne in Maribyrnong next to high point shops.

    how long have you been playing for
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