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    Rebecca Sunshine Band- my first ukulele CD project!

    Hi everyone! Mainland Mike said I should pop back on here and let y'all know about my new CD. I'm crowdfunding and hoping to get this done, but I only have 15 days left! Perks you can get include handmade instruments, including a custom cigar box ukulele, if you want one! :) If you know/have...
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    Athens, Ga - Sat & Sun, June 22 & 23 - Farmers Market and AthFest

    Next weekend is gonna be a very music-filled one... :D Playing with Crash Jam at the Athens Farmers Market on Saturday June 22 from 10am-12 noon. Three/four ukuleles plus a myriad of other instruments! Then, playing at AthFest on the KidsFest stage at 4:15pm that same day. That's just me and a...
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    Happy Valentines day to YOU

    I recorded my favorite love song for ya: It's called Skullcrusher Mountain. My kind of love is weird. <3
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    Uke stuff in Berkeley and Denver

    I will be visiting Berkeley, Ca for a few days next week, and Denver, Co the week after that. I have never been to either place before; are there any cool Uke places I could / should / must visit? :)
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    Crack in uke, any local luthiers?

    Heya- I am heartbroken. I discovered a crack on my uke today. I am not sure how it happened; maybe it's this very weird weather for us lately. Anyhow, anyone local to GA that would be interested in looking at it for a repair? And, do you guys think I should leave the strings on or take them...
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    Hello Kitty Vox Uke

    Anyone know anything detailed about this new Hello Kitty uke? ...and why is it limited edition and $850? ;_;
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    My ukulele helped me get my new job

    I get to play at work too! :D :D :D :D I am so pumped!!
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    Neil Gaiman's Cthulkhelele

    Neil Gaiman continues to be ridiculously cool. I imagine with all of that sculpey on it, it sounds pretty awful. Though, maybe that's appropriate for a Cthulkhelele. :) In other news, I am back after several months of crazy life...
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    Eddie Vedder ukes for Conan

    Eddie Vedder surprised Conan O'Brien by showing up at the "Prohibited From Being Funny On Television" tour on Conan's birthday this past Monday! Birthday ukulele song...
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    Icelandic musician plays ukulele to teach us how to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull

    Eliza Geirsdottir Newman was featured on a news program playing uke to a song she has written about how to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull. :) The song starts about 1:50 in. Cute!
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    Party uke songs?

    My singing group has been booked to perform at a "tropical party" in a couple of weeks, and they asked if I could do some uke songs while everyone is eating dinner. (My group is acappella, so it'd just be me singing with my uke for that portion.) I have a book I put together of songs I like to...
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    Something that looks like henna on wood?

    This may be a weird question, but I figured you guys might have all the answers! I really want to do a custom Fluke, hopefully before this summer. I am planning on asking if they will send me the top to decorate myself, and then send it back to be put together. I am a henna artist, and I'd...
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    silly "what is this" question

    Hi guys, I am feeling very lame today for not figuring this out, but.. what is this chord I am playing? I figured this chord out for a song, and it sounds right, but I don't know what to write for the name when I type it up. I am playing 2200, so it's A D E A Sounds weird by itself, but in...
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    Craigslist Uke Scam

    I was browsing craigslist just now and found this: Which, happens to be photos and partial description ganked directly from one of MusicGuyMic's auctions that I was looking at earlier today...
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    MUAhahaha, my legions are growing

    Natsumi and I finally roped my other best friend into trying to learn uke this past weekend. And, she was instantly obsessed. And... remarkably good for her first time. Maybe it was because she had two awesome teachers, right? ... Right? Though, I fear she may be shirking schoolwork because...