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  • They are extremely knowledgeable, real musicians and very helpful. Best phone them first to check stock though to avoid wasted journey.
    Dont know any in Blackpool, but Huddersfield is not a huge distance from you - Eagle Music there are superb!
    Hi Bunnyrawr - do you mean best physical place to go - ie a store? What country are you in - unless you are in UK, not sure I can help much - I always give same advice to people though - if you dont have a good uke dealer (who specialises in ukes) near you who can advise, then go online, but order from a specialist you can speak on the phone or email to - not a bulk music shop who just ship them out.

    If you mean places on the web to find out about ukes - well, this place is my favourite, but also Ukulele Hunt and of course www.gotaukulele.com!
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