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    Style 3 Myrtle Soprano

    It looks like my old account has been restored, thanks you mods. I am just finishing binding the back. Pics to follow shortly. Brad
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    Used Kamaka Tenor - Should the fretboard be Flat?

    A small amount of neck relief is normal. Brad
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    Style 3 Myrtle Soprano

    Just testing things, been having some problems posting lately. We will see if this works. Brad
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    Thanks for the info, I will be following closely
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    Showing location in messages

    That would be nice. Brad
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    Posting Pictures-- WOW, what a difference!

    Yes it is much better
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    Moving the forum today!

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    Can not Post

    I have been thrashing around trying to post the last couple of days and can’t get past this needs moderator approval thing. I will try posting a new thread.
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    What's Up With The New "Points" Thing By Posters?

    So far I have been unable to post without getting getting the waiting for moderator approval message, which does not ever seem to happen. So I will try here.
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    Style 3 Myrtle Soprano

    I will try this again, hopefully it doesn’t result in a double post, Here are some pics taken right before closing things up. I used Alaska yellow cedar for the linings, which smell delightful. Brad
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    Style 3 Myrtle Soprano

    Getting ready to close the box. One nice touch on this uke, I used Alaska yellow cedar for the linings. I love the smell of that wood.
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    Style 3 Myrtle Soprano

    Aloha Everyone, I am very excited about this project. Some time ago, UU member richntacoma asked me to make him a myrtle soprano. So I went through my stock of myrtle and found a nice and unusual billet, and sent him some pics of the wood for his approval. As I was up to my eyebrows in previous...
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    Making an Archtop Ukulele- Take Two

    Around the end of January, my old thread on building an archtop ukulele got a bump. That got me motivated to revisit the process as it has been a while since I have made an archtop instrument. I wanted to start the process by reviewing my old books on the subject, but most of my books are in...
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    Some Mundane Luthier Work

    Needed to resaw some koa for some vintage model concerts this morning. Found a good billet measuring 2
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    Building the Youthalele

    This project got started some years ago, a teacher from California wanted to get some ukulele in his students hands. The problem was they were mostly poor, with very little resources. I told him I would try and design a ukulele that could be built with under $10 in parts and materials, by some...