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    A fix for string guttering

    I have no such issues with the AMM3 tenor. I do have it on one or two other ukes.
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    Hi from new member in NJ

    Hi Jim! Fellow arthritis sufferer here, as well as ex-guitar player. I have the most issues with smaller ukes, because my fingers don't bend as easily. I like tenors the most. I also like softer tension on my strings, and lower action. Uke Logic soft tension, Living Water, and Worth Browns all...
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    Ukulele/ Bluegrass festival?

    Sounds like fun! I say embrace both!
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    SOLD Cocobolo Pineapple Concert

    Nice! Wish I was a concert person.
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    aNueNue UT200 vs Rebel Pluto

    Nice comparison! I wish the volume had been a little louder for the Pluto, but they both sound very good Now that I have my Pluto, the Moonbird is the only uke on my UAS want list.
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    Hello from Binghamton, NY

    Oh, to be in Hawaii to choose a uke, that would be heaven! Old guitar player here who also converted to uke. I used to pass through Binghamton a lot, when traveling up to Ithaca when my daughter was in college. And my boyfriend worked in Binghamton for several years. Pretty area. Congrats on...
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    WTB: Romero Spalted Mango Tiny Tenor

    There are a couple available on Reverb...
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    Pono MTD-2

    I recall we had some info about these cedar tops being MTDs a while back, but I don't recall the exact reasoning.
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    NUD Hopefully End Of Next Week

    Good luck. Hope it works out well. Congrats on coming back to uke!
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    Tiny Tenor solid Koa.

    The Tiny Tenors are very nice ukes indeed, imo. I have the spalted mango. And it does feel just right to me as well. Very light in build, they are balanced in tone, warm and resonant. Glad you like yours.
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    CLAIMED Free Kalas, you pay shipping

    Wish I would have seen this sooner! I have a young friend I work with whose uke was stolen while he was living in a house with others. He was just getting intereseted in playing, after talking to me, when this happened.
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    Help fellow AnueNue Amm2 owners what hard case to purchase?

    You could email the Ukulele Site. They know their ukes, they might be able to make a recommendation.
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    "Having" vs. "Wanting"...

    For sure, the chase is fun! Luckily, for the most part, I've not been let down by the reality of the uke itself when it arrived. I love how all my ukes sound and play. Granted, a large part of my "chase" involves researching and finding out as much info as I could about the uke before I decide...
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    NUD: One man's lightly used is another gal's treasure

    Congrats! I was awfully tempted on that one, but didn't really have the extra funds. I'm happy it went to someone who obviously appreciates it. It sounds great! Enjoy!
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    Price increases