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    BREAKING NEWS: End of the World has started in Austrailia

    We are doing fine here. JUST :) I heard you guys are having problems of your own too.
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    First day, new start

    The world did not end! But it sure feels like this is the first day of the world, a brand new start start for all of us
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    "Vintage" ??

    Lately I starting to see many sellers on ebay and other sites uses the "vintage" when selling their ukulele. Some of the ukuleles were in the '70s. I thought they are old but shouldn't be in the "vintage" category. I understand they only use that word to, hopefully, push the price up. How...
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    Uke attack reported!

    Never seen a Tahitian uke before so thought I google it. My!!! that must have hurt bad
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    What is a "Radio Tenor"?

    I was reading some infor about the famous luthier Kerry Char and how he came to learn about "Radio Tenor". What is a "Radio Tenor"? I did a Google search but didn't have any luck finding it. Is it like a "cigar box" uke where the body is a cigar box? Or a "juke-A-Lele" where the body looks...
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    Old 1940s Ukulele in original case

    For your interest. I saw this ads and thought I post it here for those who collect old uke.
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    Aquila Red series

    Aquila Red series -CLOSED Some days ago I saw a thread mentioning the Aquila strings Red series were available. I didn't pay much attention then. I came back and tried searching for the thread now and I couldn't find it. I also tried to buy Aquila Red for tenor from ebay and it was out of...
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    What make a guitalele a guitalele ??

    I saw these two items: 1) 2) Both seemed...
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    Some questions on terminolgy

    I see some terms in UU posts which I couldn't work out even after checking the dictionary. uke described as "Re-entrant" and "linear" Conus (see this word often in the marketplace) What do they mean ? :confused:
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    Virus attack on Moku website?

    Virus attack on Moku Ukulele website? HI UU mates, Is it just me or there seems to be something wrong with Moku uke website? After watching Aldrine's coverage of Moku uke, I went to their website to check their ukes. When I hit the home site, I got a page that scanned my pc and within 5 sec...
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    Low g or high G tab: how do you tell?

    I was looking for "I'm Yours" uke tab and went to loezz's thread: Someone mentioned the tab was in low g. I read the tab but there was no mention if it was in high or low G. How...
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    infor about Koyama Ukulele

    Just curios, has anyone try or own a Koyama ukulele? I believe it is a uke company from Taiwan. I don't seem to be able to find much information (reviews, Youtube) about this brand on the Internet.
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    Luna Dolphin Concert Electric Flamed Maple top

    I found this one: Luna Dolphin Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Flamed Maple top 8hrs 49m more to go. EDIT: Currently going for AU$61.00
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    Help, new C string doesn't stay in tune

    I bought two Makala dolphin. Every since I replaced the strings with Aquila Nylgut strings two weeks ago, the C string doesn't stay in tune for both ukes. They go flat the next day. I thought if that only happen to one uke, then may be there is something with the tuner, but two, and both have...
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    New Islander models

    Hi all, just to let you know Kanile has released some new Islander models. You can see some of them on musicguymic channel, on Youtube. This is one model I like: It is Islander solid mahogany tenor, gloss with Eq :drool: